We Are Family

“We are family I got all my sisters with me” Remember Sister Sledge?! Today it’s all about our International Women’s Day Summit! I want us to come together on the 6th of March like sisters! And guess what? We are holding this event in English, so everyone can join us! Why? Women in business face the same challenges and opportunities as men, but they … Read More

Pretty Hurts

They say it’s all about perception and that first impressions matter. Now, I am not denying that these things aren’t true, but it’s like Beyoncé sang: “Pretty hurts Shine the light on whatever’s worse Perfection is the disease of a nation Pretty hurts Shine the light on whatever’s worse Trying to fix something But you can’t fix what you can’t … Read More

Shame, shame shame

Shame, shame shame, hey shame on you. If you can’t dance too. I had a conversation with my cousin about my last blog that touched upon the subject of perfectionism and how it relates to feeling of shame. It was about how great the book The Gifts Of Imperfection- letting go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who … Read More

I'm every woman

I’m every woman, it’s all in meeeeeeee!!! Don’t you love Chaka Khan? Well, I feel that this should be our anthem this year, but not because I think we are every woman or that it is all in us. But because we are different and don’t have it all! Yes, I am telling you to stop trying to be so perfect. On Tuesday I gave … Read More