Amplify Her

AmplifyHER is our call to action for women to unapologetically elevate their visibility at work and help companies find the right women through a conference, book and visibility app that will be launched in november 2021.

Where our other programs and events are focused on defining a personal brand and building a strong network, our AmplifyHER program specifically tunes in on the visibility of women. Because let’s face it: without being visible, no one is going to notice you. It’s time for women to step in the spotlights, learn how to be heard and support each other!

The goal of this program is to activate (future) women leaders to work on becoming comfortable standing in the spotlight at work whilst presenting their ideas and insights. We believe that by highlighting and amplifying the impact of the work women professionals do, we will create more leaders. And that’s exactly what we need today: more women at the top. Let’s AmplifyHER!

The program will start in autumn 2021 with the launch of the Women’s Visibility Conference.