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Try again

Remember Aaliyah? I remember the day she passed away, really I can still see myself standing where I was when I heard the news. It was August 25, 2001 and that day I was going to work with an artist at Lowlands festival. We were all in shock at the festival. Why? Because she was only […]

A rose is still a rose

Last week we lost a queen. And for once I was lost for words. All I could do was listen to her songs and feel my emotions with every one of them. The lyrics to this one kept going on in my head. I consciously fell in love with Aretha in 2003 when I entered […]

What a feeling!

What a feeling Bein’s believin’ I can have it all Now I’m dancing for my life Take your passion And make it happen Pictures come alive You can dance right through your life Remember FAME? The series I mean, not the movies. I used to love this song ‘What a feeling’ by Irene Cara. It gave […]


Madonna once sang: “Music makes the people come together Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel” And this is the truth. I saw this video recently of this Saudi woman rapping her way about finally being able to drive her own car. And it just made me think about how we are all affected by music, […]