Board of Believers in Female Leadership

Board of Believers is a quarterly breakfast hosted by BrandedU. Whether you are connected through one of our programs or you want to get involved in our Board of Believers network,  it is one of business leaders who take action to make the top of the business world more diverse and future proof. They do this by empowering women by giving them more opportunities and supporting them in making themselves visible in order to realize their ambitions.

What if you had the ability to empower more women within your company to become great leaders?

“The Netherlands scores 25% compared to 32% in Western Europe when it comes to female representation in management positions” – McKinsey September 2018

Our mission: more female leadership to future-proof companies.

Women rate higher than men in leadership effectiveness. More women in management lead to new management styles, new innovative solutions and also more business results. It also inspires female employees to excel in their daily work because they see what is possible for them within the next five years. In short, it benefits the company to give women a place at the top.

BrandedU has taken it upon itself to be part of the solution to the challenge of more female leadership by facilitating the business world with inspiring events, useful tools and a proven personal branding training.

Are you a leader who wants to future-proof your organization and who would like to empower more women within your company to become great leaders? Please email Nancy Poleon at