BrandedU corporate

BrandedU Corporate

BrandedU’s corporate program is a personal branding program to make women in organizations more visible so that they advance faster in their career. BrandedU provides group coaching, one-on-one coaching, inspiring talks and unique tailor-made in-company workshops. Let your female employees make the most of their talents and create new business opportunities for your organization! BrandedU has given training courses & master classes at companies such as IBM, ING, EY, PWC, OCE, Station 10, Hearst magazines, Pels Rijcken, Rabobank, Secretary Plus, Gemeente Helmond and Allen & Overy.

More profit by talented women, a fact

Research has proven that organizations with more gender diversity perform better. That’s a fact. The way for your women to become — and stay — more competitive and relevant is through Personal branding. And by doing this you’ll also be able to increase the profit of the organization!

One-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching helps women discover the best of themselves faster and also show this! So if you can make time for it and have budget for it, please register via You will receive personal coaching from personal branding expert Nancy Poleon. Women who have preceded you include Evelien Holsken (Free a girl), Lindy Hensen (Tekkoo), Amma Assante (PVDA), Tanja Jadnanansing (gemeente Amsterdam) and Floor Schmeitz (OCE).

Customized workshops

In an introductory meeting we establish what you want to achieve as an organization. We coordinate this with the participants. Our experts think with you about your desired results and the associated learning goals. They like to connect with existing initiatives, so that the workshops fit in with the practice at work.

On location, or elsewhere

We teach the program on location or at one of the inspiring facilities within our network. At all of these locations the required professional AV facilities are present and the catering is ‘outstanding’. Great for an educational day out that leaves you energized!


After a completely free introductory meeting you will receive a proposal with the learning objectives, content of the program, an overview of the experts and the price. If we agree, then the order confirmation will follow, and we will get to work!

More from BrandedU

In addition to workshops, BrandedU also offers tailor-made solutions for individuals and organizations, with our successful Branded Personalities branding program. With our Rock ‘n Roll marketing we bring the unique personality of brands to life.


Price on request. Mail us for a free introductory meeting.


Heiko Bleeker – Station 10

“Wat ik vooral bijzonder vond was hoe snel Nancy mensen op hun gemak stelt, uit iedereen relevante informatie haalt en dit vertaalt in rake woorden voor een branding statement. Ze heeft ons team hierdoor echt laten shinen!”

Monic Zents

“BrandedU is een cadeautje. Nancy heeft de capaciteit om je op een rock en roll manier na te laten denken over wat je wilt, wat een energie en enthousiasme!”

Mabel Nummerdor

“Tegenwoordig merk je dat men vrouwelijk leiderschap beter waardeert.”