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Stop, in the name of all women

Let’s be honest, it’s not rocket science. We need more female leaders. But you already know this. But do you feel the URGENCY of the situation?

2020 has shown us how great leaders act. And it has shown us what qualities future leaders need to possess. I am just going to call it what it is: Feminine qualities. We don’t need bigger companies and we certainly don’t need more billionaires. Who’s benefiting from that? Just a few people at the top.
Good leadership includes empathy, patience, listening and caring, which are traditionally “female characteristics”. Right now, the world has too much of masculine leadership. We need to create a balance.

So, it’s time to change our strategies. And isn’t it great that women are good strategists? We have long term vision and go for results that work for EVERYONE, not short-term results for a few shareholders.
I’ve heard women entrepreneurs who’ve refused to fire a single employee during the pandemic because they were looking towards the future and realized they needed all of them. They would rather cut their own salaries or get everyone to give a little of their salaries than fire people. Just like Jacinda Arden did in New Zealand when she asked her cabinet to take a 20% pay cut during the pandemic.

And we’ve seen that “acting like a girl” is actually good for business because companies with strong female leadership deliver a 36% higher return on equity (via the index provider MSCI.)
That is why I am calling on all ambitious women to LEVEL UP. It is on you now. And it’s time!
You might not define yourself as a leader (most women don’t) but if you don’t who the hell will?!! I know you have great ideas, are ambitious and I really know that you would simply ROCK when you reach the top.

And… 2020 has shown you that you don’t have to sit and do nothing. Listen girl. What I learned after many years of BrandedU, is that the power is in VISIBILITY. This is why I keep creating female leadership programs aimed at empowering more women to reach their career goals.

To make more women go HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER to the top. Because if we keep moving in this pace it will take over 200 years to get gender equality.

And that’s unacceptable.

So we need to get moving and I will do everything in my power to help as many women as I can.

What will you do?

20,000 women

I know just like me you would like to have a better and more equal world for women. So please bear with me as I share this important message.

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, I keep seeing reports that women are working double time at work and at home, yet are somehow losing their jobs (IMF released a sobering report about how COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting women and their economic status). It’s not all gloom and doom, however, as the world is also seeing up close what happens when women are in charge (we’ve ll read about the impact of Jacinda, Angela and others were having). We are half the population, doing twice the work. Something’s got to give.

Because you can’t be what you don’t see – I am calling on my network to come together and amplify our voices. Will you join the chorus that lifts women up, and gives them their rightful seats at the table?

On August 22, I am going to be featured in De Telegraaf Vrouw (talking about women leadership). I will use this day to speak out loudly for us. I want to stand alongside my community and believers in female leadership to empower me to amplify my voice as a woman of color.

Let’s take over Instagram and LinkedIn on August 22. To share the message on your social channels, please click here for content to post.

And just to remind you of why we are doing this. BrandedU started 6,5 years ago with one goal in mind: enabling women to level up their careers by helping them become more visible. During the pandemic, I developed the e-course, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, to lift women up and give them the confidence to be seen. This is one of the ways I am working towards my mission of shining the light on 20,000 women by getting them to level up in 2020.

2020 isn’t cancelled. We can all make an impact. If you are in doubt or feeling corona fatigue, just think of the 14-year-old Swedish girl that started a global movement three years ago.

Let’s be seen and heard on August 22nd and every day after that!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

So on Tuesday I launched the Board of Believers in Female leadership during a breakfast meeting at George Marina in Amsterdam.

The Board of Believers is a network of business leaders who take action to make the top of the business world more diverse and future proof by empowering women, giving them more opportunities and supporting them in making themselves visible in order to realize their ambitions.

Did you know that “The Netherlands scores 25% compared to 32% in Western Europe when it comes to female representation in management positions” according to a McKinsey report in September 2018. How crap is that? We are 50% of the population and have no leadership positions. LADIES, 1950 called and it wants its mindset back ;-)!

Because the fact is that women rate higher than men in leadership effectiveness. More women in management leads to new management styles, new innovative solutions and also more business results. It also inspires female employees to excel in their daily work because they see what is possible for them within the next five years. In short, companies benefit by giving women a place at the top.

BrandedU has taken it upon itself to be part of the solution to the challenge of more female leadership by facilitating the business world with inspiring events, useful tools and a proven personal branding training. Do you believe in having more female leaders in The Netherlands?
If so have a look at this video!

We believe in female leaders.

Are you a leader who wants to future-proof your organization and who would like to empower more women within your company to become great leaders? Please email me at info@brandedu.nl


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