let’s get it started!

I always start the BrandedU seminars with that song. Just so I can get in a funky mood, I mean we all love to dance right? And music can really set the tone.

Today I want to discuss the 7 reasons why you should join the BrandedU seminar, if you haven’t already. If you have please, please email me your reason(s) ;-)!

The BrandedU seminars started as a way of giving back. I started them back in 2014 because I felt I had something to share. But not only that, I wanted to give other women the opportunity to also share their knowledge with those who could benefit from it. So we started a sisterhood of women sharing personal branding stories. Why personal branding? Because to me it is the only way to make yourself relevant and unique. And you need that if you want to be succesful in business. People need to know what you stand for and what your ambitions are.

I am lucky that our goals and intentions with this seminar have been met.

So what makes us unique?

1. We always share personal stories and not just success stories. For instance, if you look at the road to succes for Irene Kronenberg you realize that you can start at any age with your life’s purpose. Irene, a world famous interior designer (W Hotel, MOMO, The Butcher etc.) is one of the speakers on the 20th of June and you can check her story here.


2. There is a wide mixture of women from all cultural and business levels. This lovely diverse mix is what gives it a great creative vibe.
3. We make sure you get the right amount of energy throughout the day. From the white and full of light room where the talks are given, to the nutritious food which is well thought out by Hotel Droog.
4. It is not about listening but also about doing. You get put to work, we don’t want you to leave without having stepped out of your own comfort zone, because that is where the real magic happens :-).
5. You get to network a lot, yes a lot! We give you tons of opportunities to get to know the women you meet at the seminar.
6. The topics discussed consist of all that is necessary to build your brand and you can ask the speakers whatever questions you might have, you do not need to hold back.
7. It’s all about you and your personal development so the more you put in it the more you get out of it. Women really get a mindshift after our seminars because they are really empowering!

Find out more here where our previous participants tell you in their own words why you should join BrandedU.

See you in less than a month at Hotel Droog!




As you are reading this I am strolling down the streets of my favorite city in the world : London. A surprise day trip for a very special person in my life my mother.

So why better?
Better is a song by Regina Spektor. And there is a line she sings that goes:

“If you never say your name out loud to anyone
They can never ever call you by it”

Exactly my message when it comes to personal branding.


So true right?! Now lately I have been thinking of ways to make things better.  Because there is always room for improvement when it comes to personal development. This week a lovely lady has started doing research on what improvements we could make on BrandedU. So my question to you is: what do you feel would make things better for you? What are you missing at the moment? Be honest. I can handle it, am a big girl 😉 And if you want to participate in her questionnaire, send me an email!

By the way, when I say there is always room for improvement I do not mean that I want things to be perfect. I really do not believe in perfectionism, however I do believe in STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE.

This week’s video is of the Director of the Bijlmer Parktheater: Ernestine Comvalius. She will also be speaking at the seminar on June 20th. Here she talks about the 3 women in her life that wanted to make things better… just for her.


I can’t wait to read your feedback!


P.s. don’t forget to register for BrandedU! One more month to go!

Trick me

Have you ever heard that Kelis song Trick me? It goes:

“Might trick me once
I won’t let you trick me twice”

I mention this because things need to get real. I got a couple of responses to my newsletter last week asking if everything was ok… Seeing that I was Under Pressure. Well sometimes, balls get dropped. And all you need to do is just let them.
You will be ok. 
And there is no need to pretend as if nothing happened. If you want to have a credible personal brand, you have to be yourself and admit that you are human. And being perfect and painting a perfect picture is just nonsense.

Last summer I started reading this book called : The power of vulnerability by Brené Brown. Really a must read. In my personal one-on-one coaching sessions I always tell women about this book. It was based on the TED talk Brené Brown gave in 2010. It is still one of the most watched TED talks ever.

Brene Brown

What I love about Brené Brown’s work is that it looks at the human condition and how we can live as our most honest, fulfilled selves. I can recommend her books and talks to anyone who is striving for a more authentic life.

At the BrandedU seminars we share real, authentic stories. With ups and downs. Not just pretty pictures. Because c’mon…..those are only meant for Disney movies. To me true leadership is all about being vulnerable and showing empathy. And that is why I started BrandedU. As a way to get more women in leadership positions. Because we can use a little bit more of those qualities women have in this world today.

Neelie Kroes

You know that I love sharing real stories, so am to share this video of Gwen Engelen. Gwen is our 3rd speaker at BrandedU on the 20th of June.

And before I let you go, I will be giving a free one hour masterclass this saturday at the American Bookstore as an introduction to this book Once upon a time I wanted to be… Lavinia Bakker is the author of the book, she is also the owner of REAL FAKE STUDIOS and of the Dutch brand Geiten Wollen Shirts. Check out the time and address here.