We have asked women who have participated in the program to share what they learned from it

After following the e-course I became very conscious about myself. The exercises make you go pretty deep within yourself and that can be very confronting. You become more aware of yourself, it helps you to clear your head and because of that you know exactly where you stand (and otherwise Nancy will help you).” – Lisanne van der Bij

I was always busy pleasing others and putting myself in second place. Thanks to the e-course I know better who I am and what my focus should be to reach my goals.” – Lisa Kong

I was curious to find out what effect personal branding has on my company and how I could manage this better. During the course you learn more about yourself so you know much better where you stand, what your capabilities are and where you want to go in the future.” – Stefana Boot

Kasia van Gimst De e-course van Nancy Poleon heeft mij doen beseffen dat ik vanuit mezelf moet vertrekken op mijn carrière-pad. Ik kan niet andermans weg volgen of doelen nastreven. Ik heb mijn kernwaarden nu scherp, weet beter wat bij mij past en waarom dingen eerder niet hebben gewerkt. Het is spannend om mezelf te laten zien en uit te spreken, maar ik weet nu hoe en het is het meer dan waard.” – Kasia van Gimst

Mariska Nunes Ik vond de face-to-face editie van de e-course een cursus vol “aha” momenten! Ik heb geleerd om nog meer te vertrouwen op mijn kennis en mijn ervaring maar ik heb vooral geleerd om mijn persoonlijkheid te omarmen. Ik weet wie ik ben en waar ik voor sta.” – Mariska Nunes

Linsette Kauer De e-course heeft mij enorm bijzondere nieuwe contacten opgeleverd en het heeft mij geleerd dat mijn “droombaan”mogelijk is.” Door je uit te spreken, vertrouwen uit te stralen dat dit jouw baan is en een bijbehorende mission statement heb je al 80% gerealiseerd. Ik heb mijn eerste afspraak reed achter de rug en het vervolg komt eraan. – Lisette Kauer

Jamilah Blom Er is iets losgemaakt in mij waardoor ik weer kansen zie in plaats van beren op de weg.” – Jamilah Blom

Linda-Baron It made me more aware of my own strengths and capabilities and how I can help other people with that.”
– Linda Baron

Cinderella-Schaap What I learned is that I need to stop creating barriers and need to start pursuing my dreams.”
– Cinderella Schaap

Delaney-Lopula I found out that a personal brand is about my personal story. It’s about my hopes, my dreams, my ambitions but also about my fears and vulnerabilities.” – Delaney Lopula

Angela-Barendregt The most important thing that I learned here is that personal branding is about who you are as a person and the people you get to know and the personal connection you have with them.” – Angela Barendregt

Noreen-Malik Great thing about these seminars is that it’s not just sitting there listening to the speakers but it’s about interacting with your fellow participants as well.” – Noreen Malik

Laura-Wubben Thanks to the BrandedU seminars, I found answers to some questions I had been struggling with. Things have become much clearer for me, which makes it easier to make decisions. I finally know what I want with my career.” – Laura Wubben

Jonneke-de-Zeeuw The diversity of women speaking at the seminars and of the women participating was something I had never seen before and the reason I joined the BrandedU program.” – Jonneke de Zeeuw

Jeritza-Toney The BrandedU seminars resulted in a mindshift for me, I never thought I was unique before. Now I am actually thinking about what I want to be known for.” – Jeritza Toney

Natalia-de-Smalen Nancy shares, stimulates and asks the right questions, as long as necessary until you will reach the core together. And then clear statements and directions will form, an action plan and an enormous drive and energy to start carrying out your personal brand consciously and active.” – Natalia de Smalen

Astrid-Rose The BrandedU online course has given me more insights and is an added value for every ambitious woman!” – Astrid Rose

Amma-Asante Through my sessions with Nancy my confidence and courage has grown a lot. I am now presenting myself differently and am taking steps I would have never taken this easy before. And it all pays off!” – Amma Asante