Increasing the visibility of women in business

We boost the careers of women employees

Ambitious women face the visibility gap in 3 ways when moving up the career ladder:

  1. There’s a lack of visible role models. Companies “can’t find them”.
  2. Women think of personal branding as bragging instead of a way to make their achievements visible.
  3. They only work on their jobs and not their careers.

That’s where we come in. With our unique personal branding programs and experiences (events), we get women to define their personal brand (what do you want to be known for), become visible, build a strong network and get the recognition and exposure they deserve to take their next career steps. We’re here to close the gap.

Women going to the top

The 4 step visibility roadmap

Become part of the movement that delivers more women leaders

Sharita Boon


“A third of all women we enrolled in the BrandedU program took the next step in their career within 2 months of completing the course. ”

Sharita Boon
Commercial Director DPG Recruitment


“BrandedU’s approach on female leadership is refreshing and gave our women an extra push in the right direction”

Agnies Lobbezoo
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant ABN AMRO


“I highly recommend the Lead to Empower training to anybody who wants to take a next step in her career and wants to feel more comfortable about what you want to achieve and having a clear career path in mind.”

Deborah Alvarez
Directeur, Stichting Vrienden van het Herseninstituut


“Working with Nancy and her team is great. So much energy, warmth, kindness and drive to make people and organizations realize that diversity and belonging makes the world better, every day.”

Joke de Graaf
Head of HR & Organisation at Headfirst Group

Why more women in leadership roles?

net profit increase by having at least 30% women in leadership roles

Source: Peterson Institute for International Economics

Better decision making and higher net income compared to all-male boards

Source: Credit Suisse Research Institute

High customer and employee engagement with women in leadership positions

Source: Gallup