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Newsletter : Get the party started!

I promised you a surprise right? Well…. here it is my very first podcast! The podcast is about the 10 lessons I learned from artists I worked with in the music industry. Pink is one of them! Did I tell you when we released Get the party started we were always number 2? This is […]

Thalita van Ogtrop - vrouwelijk leiderschap

Newsletter : It’s the beginning of foreveeeeerrrr!

We all need a little bit of John Legend sometimes! Right?! Who’s with me?! This week we have a very special surprise for you <>… it is something I have never ever done before. So it’s the beginning of…. Well I won’t say what yet. You will find out soon. Just be patient. I am […]


Newsletter : Shout, Shout, let it all out!

Tears for Fears baby, was I the only one who had a crush on both Roland and Curt? Come on I am talking to you c’mon. Did I ever tell you I worked with them back in 2004? This was when I was marketing manager Europe for BMG records. I remember doing a press day […]

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