Brand Yourself: Online Program

The Basics of Personal Branding

With our Online Program you will learn the basics of how to develop a personal brand. And it’s about time to brand yourself! Because if you start to see yourself as a brand, people will know what makes you unique. They will start to approach you for your talents and authenticity. And with that, you will be asked and wanted. It’s very simple: if you want to matter, you must be visible and noticeable. And our Online Personal Branding Program will make sure that will happen.

Get More Out Of Your Career

Our individual and in-company Online Program is the perfect program for women who want to get more out of their careers. They might be unaware of how their lack of visibility is preventing them from fully blossoming at work or they might be unsure of which direction they exactly want to take their career. Whether this applies to you personally or the women that you’re working with, one thing is for sure: women deserve more visibility and recognition in their work.

Develop Your Personal Brand

When you follow our unique Online Program, you’ll discover who you are, where you want to go and how to develop your personal brand to optimally use your talents. The program is short, clear, easy to follow and explains step by step how to become more visible and includes one unique launch event with an introduction to personal branding by Nancy Poleon and our Basic 10-Step Program.

4 Reasons For Women To Join This Program

  1. They will know and understand the importance of personal branding and how it affects their careers.
  2. They will know what they want to focus on and what sets them apart from others.
  3. They will be able to start building their own brand.
  4. They will understand how to use social media to build a presence.

5 Reasons For Companies To Invest in This Program

  1. A strong personal brand improves employee retention in your company. Recent research from Gallup showed that 87% of millennials say that having professional development opportunities in their jobs is important to them.
  2. Employees also represent your company’s brand. So if an employee stays at your company, you want her to have a personal brand that reflects positively on the company’s brand.
  3. Employees are using social media and better understand how their personal brands come across to others in the online environment. This can only be beneficial in strengthening the perception of your company’s brand.
  4. Having employees who understand the importance and impact of their personal brands sets them up for moving into leadership positions in your company in the future.
  5. When companies invest in talent development, it boosts employee morale because it empowers them to take ownership of their growth and development.

Want more than just the basics? Our Brand Yourself: Top Talent Program might be just for you!

Start dates

Our Online Program can be followed at any time, since it is an on demand product.


  • 1 podcast explaining the 10 steps of personal branding
  • 5 videos with work assignments
  • 3 worksheets

Suitable for

Mid-level women who want to find out the basics of personal branding. Women who you want to give an eye-opening course to that will create awareness into how they can build their careers more efficiently.


Individuals: €99,-  (ex VAT, 1 year access).
Companies: €10.000 (ex VAT , 100 – 300 users, 1 year unlimited access).

The online program will be launched in march 2020


Lisanne van der Bij

“After following the e-course I became very conscious about myself. The exercises make you go pretty deep within yourself and that can be very confronting. You become more aware of yourself, it helps you to clear your head and because of that you know exactly where you stand (and otherwise Nancy will help you).”

Lisette Kauer

“Because of the e-course I have made some very special new contacts and it has taught me that my “dream job” is possible.” By speaking out, trusting that this is your job and an accompanying mission statement you’ve already accomplished 80%.”

Kasia van Gimst

“The e-course Nancy Poleon has made me realize that I have to trust myself on my career path. I can’t follow someone else’s path or pursue their goals. I now have defined my core values ​​clearly, I know better what suits me and why things have not worked before. I am nervous about showing myself and speaking out, but I now know how to do it and that it is really worth it. ”

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