I was so annoyed that I didn’t get tickets to see U2 yesterday at Ziggodome, saw all this great pics on social media and was feeling a bit left out (insert sad face).


Looking for inspiration?
We’ve had an incredible BrandedU edition. No really, I mean the roof was on fire. So many inspiring speakers and for those who have missed it, I will be uploading a film of each speaker every week. This week it is Fatima Koning’s turn. Without giving away to much, you will see the value of being visible when you’ve listened to her story. Fatima is also organising a free seminar on : Let your brand rock. This will be on friday the 25th of September. I am one of the speakers, so please join us in the Regus Business Centre WTC in Utrecht.

For those of you interested Dr Yvonne Thompson has a free download here with several tips for a successful career. And you can always order your personalised copy of her book ‘7 traits of Highly Succesful Women On Boards’ with our special conference discount, only until Saturday here.

Looking for connection.
Yesterday I gave a workshop to women at EY, it was a really valuable morning. Yesterday I showed them a video of Brene Brown. Have you heard of her? If not check out her TED talk on the power of vulnerability. But I also love her books. One that I have started reading is called ‘The Gifts of Imperfection: Letting Go of Who We Think We Should Be and Embracing Who We Are’. A great gift to give to your BFF.

Looking for tips?
Talking about gifts, I am giving away my 5 best tips on how to build a successful brand here on the Dutch ZZP Servicedesk website. And… I also give you laughter here where I talk about this crazy thing called entrepreneurship on ZZP servicedesk (not the same as the Ziggo Zakelijk interview I gave a few weeks ago).

Looking to get better at presenting yourself?
Monday it’s GO TIME. The first BrandedU Presentation masterclass will be happening in Hotel Droog. There are only 4 seats left. No joke, this is your last chance to get in there with a discount (if you have followed our course before).

If not see you next week, via Email ;-)!