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I promised you a surprise right? Well…. here it is my very first podcast! The podcast is about the 10 lessons I learned from artists I worked with in the music industry. Pink is one of them!

Did I tell you when we released Get the party started we were always number 2? This is because Shakira was number one all over the world with Whenever wherever. But Pink actually gave me my first music ‘award’, well maybe award is a big word. But the marketing plan I made for her was chosen by the European office of BMG records in London (that time I was still working in Hilversum) as the best European marketing plan. And I ‘won’ a BOSE headset hahaha. Loved loved loved working with her. So some of you recognised or might have heard these lessons/this story before, I really wanted it to be my first podcast. It’s only 30 minutes so if you want to listen to it here it is.

Hope you’ll like it!