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I love that quote from Bob Marley and those who know me know I listen to him almost every single day. Yep I this started a few years back, he gets me in a happy mood. His music is so uplifting! Although I was raised on his music (my dad played his records all the time), it wasn’t till later that I really appreciated his art. He passed away at the age of 36, can you believe that? So incredibly young and so immensely successful.

online training course

The reason I love that quote is because it also reminds me of being in the moment. Truly enjoying every step of the way. And we all know how hard that is sometimes. For me particularly this week has been really challenging. I was so focused on working hard… I forgot to enjoy it. So I had to call in the troops! Yep I had to call my mum ;-). As an independent woman I rarely ask her for help but this time it was time for her wisdom and guess what? She brought me back to Bob Marley… she said exactly the same thing. She told me to be grateful for what I had and even though this is the way I live my life… I somehow forgot it this week. So I am grateful, grateful for my family, grateful for my team (Anouk and Dorien), grateful for my friends and lovely colleagues that always show up when I need them (thank you Buffi and Willa!). What are you grateful for this week? We lead a really good life here but getting things done or getting things can get in the way.

online branding course

So on Tuesday I had a moment where I surprised myself, I was invited to showcase BrandedU at Friends of the Brands (btw Dionne, Karlijn and Evelyn are 3 of the nicest business women I have ever met!) Ageless Iconic edition. I was so nervous, the whole day had been rather hectic because we had been filming for the online training course all day.

But once I started, I was on a roll. Believe me it wasn’t easy, I had to pitch BrandedU 10 times to groups of about 8/9 people. In 2 hours with no breaks! But I did it and it feels so good, it feels like an accomplishment. It reminded me of the talk that Lize Hong (former communications manager of Google) gave at BrandedU last year about Fearless Ambition. Her advice is to especially do the things you are afraid of because that is when you truly grow.

So I leave you with a ‘making the video’ that Anouk made. As a teaser for you to see what it was like to film our masterclasses.

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And remember once you get the course : you have it forever! This means if you want to do it in september in just 2 days over the weekend, yep that is also possible!

So if you want to:
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