Brand Yourself: Train The Trainer Program

Our in-company Train The Trainer Program is an exclusive program, especially designed as a follow-up for those who already followed our Top Talent Program. The Train The Trainer Program is for those who have seen the results of our programs and are ready to spread it within their company. We teach the women who have followed our program to become personal branding experts themselves, so they can engage other women within your company too.

Become A Personal Branding Expert

The Train The Trainer program ensures that within three months you will have your own personal in-house branding expert. This is what we call a real ROI. Independence and paying it forward helps us to support our joined mission to close the visibility and gender gap even faster. By sharing all our knowledge and techniques with women who already followed our Top Talent program, we will make it easier for you to teach other women within your company to become more visible. So they too will know how to rock their brand and how to pay it forward with other women. Enrolling women into this follow-up program makes your company and workforce sustainable and future-proof.

Become A Trainer Now

The Train The Trainer Program will give women all the tools to become your in-house personal branding expert. They will get access to the extended 10-Step Program, an introduction event to personal branding by Nancy Poleon, two 4-hours Train The Trainer Workshops and two half-yearly intervision sessions and exclusive Train The Trainers materials and videos. After finishing our Train The Trainer Program, they will be ready to help other women in your company rise to the top.

Start dates

Our Top Talent Program can start on the agreed upon date and has a minimum of 4 participants.


  • 1 year license personal branding e-course extended 10-Step Program
  • 3 year license 20% discount
  • Two 4 hours Train The Trainer Workshops
  • Two half-yearly intervision sessions
  • 1 introduction event by Nancy Poleon
  • Train The Trainers materials and instruction video
  • Extra add-ons possible

Suitable for

Companies only.


Individual: €4.000,- (ex VAT)
Group (4 women): €12.500 (ex VAT)