JOIN AS A MENTOR. Pay it forward to the next generation.

  • Are you in a leadership role?
  • Do you want to make an impact towards a more equal business world?
  • Are you ready to pay it forward to other women and help them accelerate their career?

Your role as a mentor will be to invest 4 hours of your time to share your knowledge and experienc. This is how you become an inspiring role model for another woman who’s ready to take the next step in her leadership path.

Now you can make a tangible impact on the career of another woman and strengthen your own leadership skills. And guess what, you’ll also meet your peers!


  • Give at least 4 hours of your time throughout the year. 2 hours at this breakfast where you get to sit next to other inspiring mentor women like yourself (and network) and then only 2 more hours (a 1-hour meeting in May and one is September) to schedule with your mentee directly. Basically, you can have an impact and help another sister forward by giving her only 4 hours of your time.
  • Join the visibility movement and make the mentorship program more visible. You will receive a social media toolkit to share on your channels between Feb 26th and March 1st
  • We ask all the mentors for a small fee of 75 euros incl. vat to join our special sisterhood. This is the only way we can continue delivering the high quality that you’re used to getting from us.


  • You’ll learn just as much as your mentee and improve your leadership skills, setting yourself as a role model in your field.
  • It’s great for your network! We are gathering more than 100 mentors and mentees from different industries. You’ll connect with the most influential business women in the Netherlands.You’ll boost your career: As mentors themselves are 6 times more likely to be promoted and mentees are promoted 5 times more often than those without mentors. (Source)


We’re expanding the program by adding an online environment where all the WVW women can find each other and support each other. This will also enable us to find you matches based on commonalities and personality traits.

And since we’re taking it next level, we’re asking all the mentors a small fee of € 75 to join our special sisterhood. This includes the breakfast, the online and admin stuff etc. so we can continue delivering the high quality that you’re used to getting from us.


  • DAY 1: Monday 18th March | Women in Tech – Supported by ABN AMRO
  • DAY 2: Wednesday 20th March | Women in Business – MADE POSSIBLE BY ORTEC
  • DAY 3: Friday 22nd March | Women in FINANCE – Supported by PWC

Location & speakers can be found here




If there are no more days available, you can register on the waiting list.