2020 isn’t cancelled ladies!

During the COVID 19 pandemic, I saw all these reports on women working twice as hard at work and at home, losing their jobs (Check out this IMF report on how COVID-19 had disproportionate effects on women and their economic status), but also how good female world leaders were doing (read about Jacinda, Angela and others here. We are half of the world population and we need to make a bigger impact.

Let’s come together and claim our seat at the table. The 22nd of August is the day we begin. I want us to take over Instagram and LinkedIn with this message. Are you willing to help this movement to go viral on the 22nd? If so click yes here and we will send you the image we will be using on that day.

And just to remind you why we are doing this: BrandedU started 6,5 years ago with 1 goal in mind: getting more women to level up their careers by helping them become more visible. Because your hard work can only go so far. That is why during the pandemic I developed an online course Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger to lift women up and give them the confidence to be seen. This is one of my contributions to make my mission, getting 20.000 women visible in 2020, very tangible.

Let’s make women visible and not overlooked!