Brand Yourself: Top Talent Program

Did you follow our Online Program and have a taste for more? Or do you think an extended program with more personal attention and training with a group of women suits you better? Then our one-year in-company Top Talent Program is the right fit for you. Our program helps women to get to know themselves better, but in addition to the Online Program, will also help them to set concrete goals and take the next step in their careers.

Ready For The Next Step

With our Top Talent Program we show women how to set personal and business goals and highlight their strengths. Because people who know their value and have something to say, will make others listen. Together with 5 other women they will define their personal brand to optimally use their talents and get the confidence to make themselves visible. Did you know that women who are mentored by other women feel more supported and are more satisfied with their careers? Women who join the Top Talent Program form unique bonds and become part of a network of women that want to rise their career. This forms a sisterhood of women who they can connect if things become challenging, which boosts their confidence because they know they are not alone.

All The Support You Need

The Top Talent Program will give women all the support they need. They will get access to the extended 10-Step Program, an introduction event to personal branding by Nancy Poleon, 4 two and a half-hour during group training sessions and two different mentors. After finishing our Top Talent Program, they will feel ready to become the leaders they already are.

5 Reasons For Women To Join This Program

  1. They learn to determine what they want to be known for.
  2. They find their purpose in order to make a sustainable impact.
  3. They will make time for self-reflection and evaluation.
  4. They will form a sisterhood and make new connections with like-minded women.
  5. They will learn how to define their personal brand story.

5 Reasons For Companies To Invest in This Program

  1. It gives you the opportunity to grow and expand the knowledge and skillsets within your company.
  2. It will make sure you are known in the market which will your company to perform easier.
  3. It results in happy and productive employees, making them less likely to leave.
  4. It will increase the self-confidence of your employees, which means they are able to leverage their personalities to increase awareness and draw attention to the company’s brand.
  5. It gives women who follow the program a mentor and encourage them to find a sponsor, because sponsorship is key in helping them gain visibility. Mentors are mostly career developers, where sponsors are mostly considered to be career accelerators.

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Start dates

Our Top Talent Program can start on the agreed upon date and has a minimum of 6 participants.


  • 1 year membership
  • Personal branding extended e-course
  • 4 two and a half-hour personal branding group training sessions
  • 1 hour masterclass introduction personal branding session
  • 2 mentors (6 months each) from the Board of Believers cross-company mentorship program
  • A community App to keep you focused
  • A ticket to AmplifyHER, women’s visibility congress on the 2nd of november 2020
  • Extra add-ons possible

Suitable for

The top talent program is for the top talented women within companies that are actively working towards more female leadership. Companies who enroll their top talented women automatically become part of the exclusive BrandedU Board of Believers in female leadership network. The women who are enrolled are usually between 28 and 35 years old and have shown they are ambitious and ready for the next step in their careers. The training takes place within the company’s quarters as to make it easier for women to join. Individuals who see themselves as top talent and who want to get on the program will be placed in groups that include a mixture of businesses. The advantage of that will be that you can extend your external network and get to know different ideas and solutions to challenges you might have.


Individual: €1750,- (ex VAT)
Group: €10.500 (ex VAT, 6 women)

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