About BrandedU

BrandedU is a personal branding institute built for the acceleration of women in business. We are an ecosystem for women to grow, get inspired, and connect with likeminded women so they can advance in their careers and increase their leadership capabilities.

Studies show that companies with more women in higher management achieve higher returns. Still women stay trapped in their roles at mid-level in the management hierarchy. Not because of their job performance, but because of how they brand themselves within their company and beyond.

This is why we are committed to help women in business consciously develop their personal branding skills. With our unique branding programs and events that are suitable for both individuals and companies, we aim to close the gender and visibility gap and create equal women’s representation in leadership roles.

Nancy Poleon – Founder

Before founder Nancy Poleon started BrandedU in 2014, she used to work as a marketing manager for BMG in London to help artists such as Britney Spears, Alicia Keys and Pink rock the stage. She realized her experiences from the entertainment world could be used in personal branding too, which resulted in the BrandedU Rock-’n-Roll Branding Roadmap.

It’s a unique 10-Step Roadmap that is based on encouraging authentic behaviour. Because we believe that personal brands are built from the inside out and are based on authenticity. Where other programs are often focused on changing women, we encourage women to be themselves. Because we believe that women can get further in their career by staying true to who they are. Our motto: be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

The Rock-’n-Roll 10-Step Roadmap


Be perceived the way you want to be perceived: Learn how others see you and how that can help you to get what you want. Determine how you want to be seen.


It’s about your mindset. Get rid of limiting beliefs: Find out what thoughts sabotage your career and how you can reach your goals faster.


Know your core values: Your core values are a big part of your decision making and can help you to focus better and set priorities.


Determine your unique qualities: Discover what makes you unique and therefore more relevant in your field.


How do you position yourself: Find out what drives you, why you do what you do, so you can keep going when times get tough (and they will).


Write your personal brand statement: This is your aspirational personal mission statement to the world.


Appearances matter, because first impressions matter.


Learn how to network, because without relationships you can’t move forward.


Determine your story. And learn how to present yourself successfully.


Online promotion: Make your brand more visible on social media.