About BrandedU

BrandedU is a leading institute empowering professional women to excel in their careers through growth, inspiration, and connection. Founded in 2014 by Nancy Poleon, it aims to close the visibility gap for women in business by fostering authentic leadership. Through programs like AmplifyHER and The Women’s Visibility Week Mentorship, BrandedU has become the platform for women seeking to increase their influence and leadership capabilities. Notably, its national award-winning “My Name is Peter” campaign highlighted gender disparities in leadership. With over 100 events, 5000 e-course participants, and a robust network, BrandedU is a thriving community for women striving for success and impact in their respective fields.

Nancy Poleon – Founder

Before founder Nancy Poleon started BrandedU in 2014, she used to work as a marketing manager for BMG in London to help artists such as Britney Spears, Alicia Keys and Pink rock the stage. She realized her experiences from the entertainment world could be used in personal branding too, which resulted in the BrandedU Rock-’n-Roll Branding method.

It’s a unique personal branding method that is based on encouraging authentic behaviour. Because we believe that personal brands are built from the inside out and are based on authenticity. Where other programs are often focused on changing women, we encourage women to be themselves. Because we believe that women can get further in their career by staying true to who they are. Our motto: be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

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