Increasing the visibility of women in business

Increasing the visibility of women in business


Women remain underrepresented in today’s businesses. And we’re here to change that. We all know women have unique and distinctive qualities to bring to the table. Our programs are built to ensure that women move into leadership roles faster. But we want them to do this by staying true to themselves so they can bring their best selves to work.

Now is the time to invest in the future and build on the strengths of women. Businesses need the perspectives that women bring. If you want your company to be successful and have the reputation of an inclusive and future-proof business you need to start with your women employees.

Our programs lead to:

  • Attracting female candidates for leadership roles.

  • Increasing women in leadership and management positions.

  • Retaining talented women on the road to success.

Working with Nancy and her team is great. So much energy, warmth, kindness and drive to make people and organizations realize that diversity and belonging makes the world better, every day. Keep up the good spirit.

Joke de Graaf, Head of HR & Organisation at Headfirst Group

We specialize in

Ambitious women face the visibility gap when moving up the career ladder. There’s a lack of visible role models. Companies “can’t find them”. Women think of personal branding as bragging instead of a way to make their achievements visible. And they only work on their jobs and not their careers.

That’s where we come in. With our unique personal branding programs and experiences (events), we get women to define their personal brand (what do you want to be known for), become visible, build a strong network and get the recognition and exposure they deserve to take their next career steps. We’re here to close the gap.

Our why

Businesses need more authentic female leaders so we have more balanced top.

Our mission

Closing the visibility gap for women in the workplace so they can become leaders in their fields.

Our roadmap

An empowering ecosystem for high potential women to grow and thrive in the workplace.

The 4-step roadmap

Our 4-step roadmap consists of 3 inspiring experiences and a personal branding course:

1. The women’s visibility conference with real life rolemodels

2. The cross-company mentorship program

3. Getting women to build a ROCKSTAR personal brand

4. Encouraging men to advocacy and sponsorship

Great Place To Work and BrandedU present a white paper on leadership during times of crisis. It features interviews with leaders and includes tips to improve your leadership style.

Women have been disproportionately affected by Covid 19, we will not allow this to happen. Join our mission to help 20,000 career women level up in 2020!

“Women need more visibility at work so they can have more influence and impact.”

– Nancy Poleon (Founder BrandedU)