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Let’s cut to the chase. The world needs more women in leadership. We all know women have unique and distinctive qualities to bring to the table. Study after study shows that companies run by women perform far better. Yet, women still remain underrepresented in today’s business. And we are here to change the game.

The biggest challenge we face in this goal is what we call the visibility gap. What do women want to be known for? How can we fill the void of female role models? And where can we find these women? One thing we know for sure: we need their strong force in today’s society in order to build a sustainable future. And we need it now.

That’s where we come in. We help women rise to the top through personal branding. The number one visibility tool. With our unique branding programs and events we make women define their personal brand, become visible, build a strong network and get the recognition and exposure they deserve. We are here to close the gap. And we encourage you to do the same, because businesses need what women bring.

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Women have been disproportionately affected by Covid 19, we will not allow this to. Join our mission to help 20,000 career women level up in 2020!

“Women need more visibility at work so they can have more influence and impact.”

– Nancy Poleon (Founder BrandedU)