Bring it!

So I love love love going to concerts from all kinds of different artists and musicians. Diversity rules in the musical arena and each artist is bringing something different to the stage.


Like the beautiful soul divas, all way-back-Whitney-glamorous, rocking an amazing voice. Or the Beyonce-like performers, skilled in both singing and shakin’ their bodies to some rhythmical tones. Not forgetting the colourful Katy Perrys of the world with their catchy sing a longs.



So what are you bringing to the stage? When you are telling your story, whether in a presentation, a sales pitch or a job interview, do you think about your appearance? Some advice:
  1. Find a style you feel comfortable in, then turn it up a notch and mix and match to fit your target audience. Do.Not.Fake.It. Don’t understand what I mean? Watch this video
  2. Stand or sit up straight. You will look more powerful. Ahh, you will say, but I don’t feel powerful at all… Well, in this case: Do.Fake.It. Don’t know how? Here’s some help from Amy Cuddy.
  3. Look at your audience. Not the whole time. Not like you’re in love with them. But make eye contact. They will believe what you are telling them. For sure.
  4. Smile! I have been criticized about this tip. So yeah, if you are telling a sad story, don’t smile. Show the emotion that fits your message. But when it is time to smile, show your audience that you are passionate about what you bring to them. Like Obama, a serious dude when it comes to serious things. But when he smiles, he lights up the room. And maybe even, the world.
Now go out and own any stage! Start with us this Saturday February 13th during our Masterclass Presenting Comfortably. Bring it!
 Astrid Rose