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I have met many successful women from all kinds of industries. All of these women are unique, yet have some qualities that are similar, and I am going to share these with you.


Because I noticed that most women who don’t have their dream job yet, do possess the qualities below, but they aren’t using them all, not using them strategically or hiding them for others.

I am talking about all of these below qualities. Successful women: 

1. Show that they have ambition. 

They don’t think big; they think BIGGER and know how they can make an impact in the world. They see a new and better world and work step by step towards achieving their goals.

2. Have confidence. 

They are not afraid to show their true selves to the world. Successful women believe in themselves and they do what they believe in (they have a purpose). 

3. Focus on their strengths. 

Because most successful women choose their career paths by thinking about what they’re good at first and second about what they love to do AND they are passionate!

4. Are positive

Failure happens and if you want to keep moving forward, you have to get up after disappointments. If a baby falls down when it tries to walk you don’t tell that baby to stay down and that they will never learn to how walk do you? 

5. Focus on getting their shit together. 

They decide what they want to do and then they just do it.

6. Keep learning and growing. 

They are continually improving themselves. They invest in the right tribe of sisters. And they recognize the value of having mentors, sponsors and coaches to help them improve and accelerate in their careers. These women don’t stay static. They work hard and keep moving forward.

7. Are fearless. 

Ask yourself: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Actually they aren’t completely fearless, they just have the courage to do thing in spite of their fears.

8. Practice self-care. 

They take good physical care of themselves: exercising and eating right and know their boundaries.

9. Are grateful. 

Really successful women know that their success didn’t happen overnight. They are not a one hit wonder but are after a sustainable career. And that is why they know the value of the words: Thank you.

So…. Be honest with yourself: what qualities are you not using, are you hiding or are you not aware of to become the great leader you probably already are or could be? If so, make yourself visible because I keep hearing from (male) leaders they can’t seem to find those women. I know that is bullshit, they are too lazy (pick who they know and people that look like them) and are looking in the wrong places.

But there is another problem: WOMEN DON’T MAKE THEMSELVES VISIBLE!

Have you ever asked yourself this question: what list do I need to get on to accelerate my career? Is it the top 50 of marketeers? The best women in Tech or Finance? Or are you happy with just being the employee of the month? What list do you think will really have an impact?

Or do you think you can make the same impact without being known in the world, the people that should know you or the people who need your special talent?

Maybe you think that through some miracle you will be “discovered”. Pfff, don’t kid yourself girl. There is no magic pill. Not to lose weight and not to have a successful career. Hate to bring it to you like this. Well, actually I don’t because you need to hear this! 

So look back at that list. What do you need to work on? How can I kick your butt to get you moving? How can you get on the list and start building your dream career and having more impact?

What I am trying to tell you is that these are the things that will help you have a more successful career and life. But you have to start moving!! 

It’s your problem if you’re stuck on a certain level. 

You are not a tree, you can move! 

But you’ve got to start telling yourself a different story. And you’ve got to change your environment and support group. You have to start challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Are you addicted to the feeling of doing the things right you are currently already doing right? That won’t make you more successful. It will only keep you in the same role and at the same salary. 

My point? There is a difference between staying stuck there and getting there. So, look at that list again. What do you need to do to get where you truly want to go?

Ask yourself that question. 

What kind of growth do you need right now to become that woman I am looking for?

XOXO, Nancy