Always on the run

Hey you,

“And my mama said
Go get all that you’re after
And my mama said
That love’s all that matters”

Don’t you just love the old Lenny Kravitz songs? These lyrics are from the song “Always on the run”. Guess he didn’t take his mom’s advice huh? Or did he …..;-)?

Anyway, the older I get, the more I think my mom is the wisest woman I know. I keep getting memories of things she used to say to me as a teenager that I never really fully understood way back then. But now they all make sense to me.

What did my mother say?
My mother taught me the power of my mind and of visualisation. I remember her telling me to visualise having my driver’s licence after failing twice already. So I did and even though I made many mistakes it worked. It was the first time I started visualising what I really wanted.

She told me to find a job that would make me happy since I would be working most of my life… best advice ever. Still till this day I only look for the fun in my work.

She always encouraged me to live my life my way. Not to let expectations of other people drive me. It feels liberating to live like this.

To take care of my baby brothers, and value family connections. To really be there for each other.

So what about you? Have you tried out Visualisation yet?
Visualisation is one of the things we will be discussing during Renew Yourself Week. But also one of the things I regularly talk about with Daphne Feller of BrainExplainers. Listen to Daphne here in this video talking about mindset.

She is organising a power mom seminar on the 23rd of March at Hotel Arena in Amsterdam. It’s all about making the right career choices as a mom. So for all the mothers out there looking for help with their careers have a look here : https://www.brainexplainers.com/powermomseminar. BrandedU newsletter readers get a 50% discount if you register before March 8th with the code:

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I have also been invited to speak so hope to see you there…cause I am always on the run ;-)!