So did this title annoy you or excite you? Well, it is what it is. And this is my 2nd lesson learned this year : you have to know your worth. And yes I was inspired by Rihanna because I love how she is such a disruptor right now in both the women’s undergarment business and make-up business. Her businesses are based on just one thought: everybody counts! So her make-up consists of all kinds of shades and colors and her lingerie is for all body types not just one kind of woman like Victoria Secret showed for years. And furthermore she is making LOADS of money and is successful! She is not afraid to go against the grain and follow her intuition and ask for what she is worth. I have struggled with asking my worth for years. And I even used to say: I am not good with money. Until this year when a client that I had given a huge discount made me feel less worthy. Well actually I allowed them to do this. I was not asking my worth. Maybe because I really wanted them (my ego did) as a client, they seemed so prestigious. Or maybe because I just didn’t think I was good enough for them. Any case it made me think of this: I need to start thinking differently of money and what I felt I was worth. Listen, this is still very hard for me, but I am getting there. I just sing Rihanna whenever I get uncomfortable in negotiations. And I think of this: women still make so much less than men, so whenever I think of a price I need to add at least another 10% on top of that because I am probably under valuing myself. How about you? Are you getting paid what you are worth? It’s like what  Oprah says: You teach people how to treat you.