Brand Yourself

Where other programs are often focused on changing women, we encourage women to be themselves. Because we believe that personal brands are built from the inside out and are based on authenticity. Our Brand Yourself Program is based on The Rock-’n-Roll 10-Step Roadmap. It’s a unique roadmap that is based on encouraging authentic behaviour.

It is proven that women get further in their career by staying true to who they are. That’s why ‘be yourself, everyone else is already taken’ is the motto we live by. The Brand Yourself program offers three subprograms: the Online Program, our Top Talent Program and the Train The Trainer Program. All with one vision in mind: more women in leadership.

This program is for (future) women leaders:

  • Who want to determine how people see them because they know where they want to go and they make full use of their talents.

  • Who want to know which limited beliefs block their career so they no longer sabotage themselves and see possibilities instead of obstacles.

  • Who want to set priorities and be able to focus so that they radiate more confidence and people will follow their ideas more easily.

  • Who want to know what makes them unique so they are able to tell their story to stand out and position themselves with the right tools.

  • Who want to be a network expert and know how to use their network so that they can create more opportunities for themselves and know how to establish good and sustainable relationships.

  • Who want to be able to present themselves in such a way that they are seen as an expert or expert in their field so that they no longer have to convince others.

  • Who want to make their brand (or themselves) visible on social media so that they reach their goals faster and therefore have more success in their careers.

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