Calendar Song (January, February, March…)

Remember Boney M? They had this song where all they did was sing each month of the year. Sounds like fun right, it was and it makes you think of the Caribbean sun! Well, career women searching for a kick in the butt or a real energy booster in a fun way have come to the right place!

April is Personal Branding month and May is all about Renew Yourself Week!

Yes the spring cleaning time is also a time for you to start working on those things you have been postponing in your career.
So what’s the difference I hear you ask?
Well girlllllll let me¬†tell you…

Personal Branding is for those of you who know where you are going career wise, but you need help positioning yourself (what do you want to be known for?) so you can ROCK your personal brand!
Renew Yourself Week is for those of you who need a break to reset your mind, body and soul so you can KICK ASS again!

So if you want :

  • to be seen as an expert¬†and therefore relevant in your area of business
  • to make a powerful impression because¬†you¬†know how to present yourself¬†on stage and in meetings
  • to know what limiting believes are sabotaging¬†your career and then replace them so you can see more opportunities
  • to have fun¬†networking and want to understand¬†how you can use your network to create¬†more opportunities to reach your career goals

Then you need to get with the program and join the Personal Branding Course I have created here. Class is starting april 8th and there is only room for 10 women! And I am not doing this alone as there more experts will all be sharing their knowledge with you so you can ROCK your personal brand.

Sign up before April 1st and you’ll receive a free membership of the Harper’s Bazaar Network Academy in collaboration with BrandedU. If you are already a member you get a 10% discount on the course!¬†


“After following the e-course I became very conscious of¬†myself. The exercises make you go really deep within yourself and that can be very confronting. You become more aware of yourself, it helps you to clear your head and because of that you know exactly where you stand (and otherwise Nancy will help you).‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Lisanne van der Bij

I was always busy pleasing others and putting myself in second place. Thanks to the e-course I know better who I am and what my focus should be to reach my goals.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Lisa Kong

“I was curious to find out what effect personal branding has on my company and how I could manage this better. During the course you learn more about yourself so you know much better where you stand, what your capabilities are and where you want to go in the future.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Stefana Boot

For those of you that want to hit that restart button: This¬†Sunday 25th of March I will be¬†holding a free Renew Yourself Week info day in Amsterdam. Everything you would like to know about¬†what www.renewyourselfweek.nl can do for you will be explained during the morning. Register here, it’s free!

So get going, girl and remember what Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”