Claim your seat at the table!

If they don’t give you a seat at the table bring a folding chair!

Shirley Chisholm, who said these words, was the first African-American woman elected to congress in 1968 and she sought the Democratic nomination for president. And now Kamala Harris is fulfilling part of her dream. History was made yesterday and WOW am¬†I glad it finally did. It’s soooooo important for women to see what they can be. The lack of women role models plays an important role in why so few women make it to the top.

In the workplace, the ‚Äėtable‚Äô is as a metaphor for the meeting place, the conference room ¬†or the after-hours networking hangout where decisions and careers are made. Women are not always invited to those spaces. Their voices aren‚Äôt always heard. There are still too many workplaces where women aren‚Äôt in the boardroom, the C-suite or anywhere else their voices can make the difference they were hired to make.
This is why we teach women to become more visible in the workplace and how to amplify their voices.

We will be showing more role models for you to learn from during¬†Women’s Visibility Week¬†which¬†will be from¬†1-5th of March. I can’t wait to share the¬†lessons of these incredible women ¬†and I will be asking them to¬†give you¬†practical advice and insight into their real life experiences.

But here’s the truth!
If you want to get started now¬†because you know that you’re like this “best kept secret” at work and¬†your¬†visibility needs work. And you know that if you don‚Äôt promote your work, because you are too shy/modest/scared, people will only remember the things about your work that went wrong (because we all make mistakes and they always get out). So it‚Äôs your job to let your colleagues see the things you excel at and how you‚Äôre adding value to the company.

If you want¬†this year to be THE year that you¬†know¬†exactly what you bring to the table¬†that’s unique. Enroll Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger NOW¬†so that you can become visible and accelerate your career!

Here’s how it works.
This 4 step fast-track course lets you acquire the ability to:
1. Let your Reputation work Harder for you
2. Become Better at showing your Relevance at work
3. Move up the career ladder Faster whilst remaining  Authentic
4. Having a Stronger impact and influence with your Personality


Start date:¬†¬† ¬† Whenever you’d like to because¬†it’s¬†on demand and you’ll have one year acces
Language:     Dutch & English
Content:        5 Videos (with subtitles), 5 Worksheets and 1 Podcast

I developed this course so we can have more women like yourself make a positive impact change, empower others, deliver results, and bring new innovative ideas. The question is do you want to stay where you are or do you want to contribute to change and be in a role that gives you energy rather than have it suck it out of you?

Businesses need more than just one type of leader. Right now they need the feminine one.
And you are just the person for that.