Do You Know Where You’re Going To?

Do you know where you’re goin’ to?
Do you like the things that life is showin’ you
Where are you goin’ to? Do you know?

Those are lyrics from the song “Do you know where you’re going to” by Diana Ross. My first concert was in 1982, Diana Ross Live at the Ahoy’. Best. Concert. Ever. I was just in awe of her.


But the song was in my mind because of a question that someone asked me recently which was: Can you help me to stay focused?
The first thing you need to do is find out where you are going to. What are you aiming for and what should the result be? Where do you see yourself in 3, 4 or even 5 years? Then work back and start building your dream brick by brick.

Of course things will come along the way that might cause distraction, that is inevitable. Just as yourself this question: is this serving my goal or purpose? Will this help me get to where I want to go?

The song then goes:
Now looking back at all we’ve planned
We let so many dreams just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long before we see
How sad the answers to those questions can be

Basically, you can’t wait for your dreams to come true. You have to go out there and work at them! Nobody is coming to save you. It is like Lauren Zander said in her TEDxAmsterdamWomen talk, you have to become your own hero because nobody is coming to save you.


She ends the song singing:
Do you get what you’re hopin’ for
When you look behind you, there’s no open doors
What are you hopin’ for? Do you know?

Do you? Do you know what you want to be known for? That is the fundamental question you need to ask yourself before building your personal brand

With love,