Everybody loves the sunshine

“My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine”

So I am here in Spain and girl, I am loving the sunshine. The impact it has on me is just amazing.

Am here for my business retreat ‘Renew Yourself Week’ and the week is turning out to be even better than I could have imagined. The flow of the speakers and the energy of the participants is amazing. Maybe it’s the sunshine, maybe it’s because renewing yourself is just a fantastic thing to do.

I sometimes wish we could all be open to alternate paths in our lives. Maybe if we were, we wouldn’t get so frustrated when things didn’t go the way we expect them to. Maybe one of the big challenges career women nowadays face is not fear of expectation, but lack of flexibility.

The funny thing is that the more you look at things differently, the easier it becomes to change. And change is good.

Change is good, because:

You get to experience more. And that leads to new perspectives.
When you change, you learn and then you grow. Growth is happiness.
It offers new opportunities, things you probably never saw coming.

And when you go through changes, you come out on the other side feeling relived and stronger.

So don’t be afraid to change.