I look in the mirror and think: woman what are you so afraid of?

Do you think it will be the end of the world if you fail? 

Is if fear of the unknown? Yes the English saying goes “better than the devil you don’t know” (why is that Kylie Minogue song suddenly in my head)… but really?!

You think: I am too old, too young, to inexperienced, too I don’t know what….Why do you not feel good enough?

Will you never get over being turned down? Black americans sing : “this too shall pass…”

Or is the timing, it has to be perfect. The time right now just isn’t right. How many excuses can a woman think of?! 

You want something different but what about your house, finances, things you are now sure of? Is it all too much or do you make it too much?

You already know it’s all in your head and still you cramp up.

Because you’ll never land a dream job, or build a reputation or innovative ideas and tangible success..if you stay a fearful wallflower forever.

Change your story. No more focus on fear.

Tell that woman in the mirror something else. Shift your thoughts. My mom says “Never put the keys to happiness in somebody else’s pocket”.

Rediscover the other side of yourself. A new you. Ask for help. Take the first step today for a different result in the future.

Renew yourself.

– by Nancy Poleon