Happy Sweet 2016!

Happy Sweet ’16!
“When I first met you, baby
Baby, you were just sweet sixteen
First met you, baby
Baby, you were just sweet sixteen
You just left your home then, baby
The sweetest thing I’d ever seen”
A song by BB King, the king of the blues, who passed away last year in May. How sweet would it have been to have him sing this song in this year at our very own North Sea Jazz festival?
I’m not going to tell you about my New Years resolutions, but there is one thing that I need to share. I have learned throughout the years to follow my intuition. It never fails. It sounds easy but it is really hard to do. So that is what I wish for you, to get in touch with your intuition.
A new year and there is a lot I need to tell you.
The first thing you can see is that we have a new newsletter format, superhappy with that.
But wait ’till you see our new website. Am so grateful for all the hard work Rosanne at Buro Staal and designer Marijke Meijer did on this gorgeous new site. Lemme know watcha think!
So what else is happening this year?
  • The 13th of February we will be holding our first Presenting Comfortably masterclass. I give this 2,5 hour class together with the lovely Astrid Rose and Buffi Duberman. If you want to join us you can register here.
  • The 21st of March and 20th of June will be the first series of the BrandedU Personal Branding seminars this year! Again at the lovely Hotel Droog. Come and experience our sisterhood in real life here.
  •  30th of March there will be a free masterclass that I will be hosting together with Harper’s Bazaar and Hugo Boss at the Hugo Boss store in Amsterdam. You can see all the info about that here.
But hey, if you are REALLY ready to KICKSTART YOUR CAREER and start working on your Personal Brand right away….. You do not need to wait. I have a very special gift for you.
I am giving you a special discount to my online E-course. If you register before February 1st you pay only €750 (ex vat) instead of €985 (ex vat) for this whole e-course consisting of 4 modules and 10 personal branding lessons. And there is more!! You don’t have to pay it all at once. I know we all just had an expensive month so I am giving you the opportunity to pay it over a period of 10 months. So now you can follow the WHOLE BrandedU online masterclass program here for only 75 euro’s a month (ex vat)!! This special discount will only be valid if you register before the 1st of February.
Why follow this e-course?
It is yours to keep for ever (with yearly updates), it is on demand, includes real life rolemodels coaches, you go deep and really work on your personal development & your career in a new an innovative way.
So what is keeping you? Invest in yourself and get with the program!