The skills you need to fast-track your career. 

Modesty is killing your career.
Work on these 4 steps to reach your career goals faster:

  • Step 1

    Your reputation determines how much you are worth. Whether you’re getting a promotion. Whether you’re bringing in that new client. Your reputation helps you to increase your income. Here you’ll learn how to manage it so that you can realize your ambitions.

  • Step 2

    If you have a strong Personal Brand then you’re relevant. You will not only be seen for who you are and how you want to be seen, but you will also be the first others think of when it comes to your field of business. Here we’ll discuss how you can make yourself more relevant at work.

  • Step 3

    Authenticity is about being true to yourself. So keeping it real. Here we’ll cover how to stand out by being true to yourself and being distinctive. You’ll learn how to embrace your uniqueness so that it works to your advantage.

  • Step 4

    It’s easier to behave differently at work and then lose yourself because you do what is expected of you. Here we’ll discuss how you can build your Personal Brand by showing more of your personality.

Is this the time…

  • To move forward in your career with more impact and influence?
  • For your talents to be recognized, seen and appreciated?
  • To be on the radar for the next promotion or exciting career opportunities?
  • To understand your value and how to communicate this to the world?
  • Be more confident in what you know and make that visible?

“Boost your confidence and develop the #1 skill, which is personal branding, to step up in the workplace.”

– Nancy Poleon
founder BrandedU

“Boost your confidence and develop the #1 skill, which is personal branding, to step up in the workplace.”

– Nancy Poleon
founder BrandedU

Hear what other women have said who’ve followed the e-course

It was kind of a revelation to me about how to manage my career.


BrandedU’s approach on female leadership is refreshing and gave our women an extra push in the right direction.

Agnies Lobbezoo, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant ABN AMRO

BrandedU gets you to highlight your strengths. The course makes you think and makes you stronger.


A third of all women we enrolled in the BrandedU program took the next step in their career within 2 months of completing the course.

Sharita Boon, Commercial Director DPG Recruitment

What you get from the e-course:

  • An increased awareness, those aha moments that make you change your thinking, to really change your behavior.
  • Practical guidelines to help you verbalize your strengths, because if you can’t name it you can’t be it.
  • Clear-cut exercises that will result in a strategic overview giving you the confidence to take those careers steps you want.
  • A hands-on toolkit to increase your visibility and network.
  • A fast-track program, you will only need approx. 5 hours. Please note that times can differ person to person, depending on how much work you’ve already done.

Who Should Register

  • Women with middle to upper management leadership ambition.
  • Women who want to be better prepared for future roles.
  • Women who want to get ready to take the next step in their career.
  • Women who want to define their workplace identity.

Why Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?

This personal branding course teaches future women leaders how to be seen and heard.

It is designed to make women feel more confident, step in the spotlight unapologetically and build their careers in their own unique way. The main principle is that we don’t need to change women, they are already great (even when they don’t know it), we just need to teach them to show how good they are.

This 4 step fast-track course lets women acquire the ability to:

  • Let your Reputation work Harder for you
  • Become Better at showing your Relevance at work
  • Move up the career ladder Faster whilst remaining  Authentic
  • Having a Stronger impact and influence with your Personality

And then you’ll end the course with writing your personal brand statement (your mission statement to the world) and determining your network strategy.

Start now so you can really reach your goals at work!

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Let’s start!

  • Start date on demand

  • Dutch & English

  • One year access

  • 5 Videos (with subtitles)

  • 5 Worksheets

  • 1 Podcast

Still not sure? Take the Personal Branding test and discover what it means for your career!

“Let’s get more women to the top of their workplace – and keep them there.”

– Nancy Poleon
founder BrandedU

“Let’s get more women to the top of their workplace – and keep them there.”

– Nancy Poleon
founder BrandedU

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About BrandedU

BrandedU is a personal branding institute built for the acceleration of women in business. We are an ecosystem for women to grow, get inspired, and connect with like-minded women so they can advance in their careers and increase their leadership capabilities.

Before Nancy Poleon started BrandedU in 2014, she used to work as a marketing manager for BMG records in London where she was responsible for the branding and marketing for artists such as Britney Spears, Alicia Keys and Pink, She realized her experiences from the entertainment world could be used in personal branding too, which resulted in BrandedU and the Rock-’n-Roll Personal Branding Method. Surrounded by so many talented women, she felt the urge to help them get the recognition and exposure they deserve. Today, BrandedU has become a renowned institute for the advancement of women in business.

BrandedU is on a mission to help 20,000 women level up in 2020 by increasing their visibility. The e-course, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, was created to lift women up and give them the confidence to be seen.