I am feelin’ good

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

Happy 2017 my dear! 2016 ended as a year full of appreciation of people and things that have been around for awhile for me. Like this song by Nina. Ever since I watched the documentary on her life I have been mesmerized by her songs and have rediscovered the beauty in them. The same road of rediscovery happened when my childhood hero George Michael passed away. I have been playing his songs ever since and rediscovered the magic in them. “Praying for time” in particular has become part of my evening ritual. But really my all time favorite is still “A different corner”. He was such a romantic, I love it.

There are so many stories of his generosity out there and I was privileged to have seen one of them myself. Back in 2003 George presented an award, Woman of the Year, to my dear friend Harriett Brand (and former BrandedU speaker🙂 in London. Harriett was then Senior Vice President at MTV Networks and I think it was one of the kindest gestures I have ever seen an artist make towards an industry professional. His speech was full of wonderful anecdotes of their friendship and her lovely personality. So kind of him to do that.

That is what I wish for 2017. More kindness and appreciation for the people around us. The people whose lives we directly affect.

Professionally I will be presenting new ways to help women rediscover themselves and show themselves and their skills more clearly and effectively. It is about challenging yourself, not being stuck in the same place but always working on progress. Because we all know change will happen but change does not always lead to progress. You are in charge of that yourself. So in that sense all that we will be doing at BrandedU for 2017 is giving you the tools to challenge yourself so you can progress yourself and your career.

That’s why we are organizing Renew yourself week. A week in a resort in Spain, where we will be giving you enough challenges in combination with the right amount of rest and mindfulness to reboot yourself and your career. Check out the website here.


So dear, are you ready to #challengeUrself in 2017? If so, we are here to help. On January 26th we are organizing a free Info Day where I will answer all your questions and give you the inside information on our courses and programs. Register here if you want to come to the free Info Day.

See you there,

p.s. I am so proud that our first event of 2017, the High Tea New Year’s edition, is SOLD OUT! It will be a great day, for those of you joining we will have fun this Sunday ;-)!