I’m the one


“I’m the one, yeah, I’m the one, yeah
And you sick of all those other imitators
Don’t let the only real one intimidate ya”

I have been listening to this song by DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber. And it made me think about authenticity and where it comes from. How often are we just busy with what other people think about us? It puts so much strain on us and prevents us from really being our authentic self. How often don’t we say stuff to ourselves like “OMG what did I just say or do”? “What will people say about me?”. All this stems from being busy with others instead of allowing yourself to be yourself.

Being yourself is hard because it means being vulnerable. I was with my best friend the other day and noticed that he wasn’t being himself. I noticed it this time because we spent more time together than just a couple of hours having dinner. I realised something was wrong. His behaviour felt like he was covering something up. When I asked he first laughed it away.
But ladies you know me, I persisted :-). And after a day or so he told me what was on his mind. And to do this he had to become vulnerable.

Vulnerabilty is the key to authenticity. Stephanie Afrifa spoke at BrandedU and asked me why I thought she was so authentic and I gave her a very professional personal branding like answer. But now after being with my friend I realize it is because she shows her vulnerability.

People feel that. And that is true authentic power.

How do you get there?

I know, it is so friggin’ hard!

Believe me I have to deal with it everyday myself. I guess the first step is becoming aware of when you feel vulnerable. For my friend it meant asking for help. He is a man that thinks he needs to always be able to do things by himself. Now he knows that asking for help works but that he finds it hard to do. The funny thing is once he did it, he relaxed and became more himself. He took his mask off!

When do you feel most vulnerable?
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