It’s a man’s man’s man’s world

This song was recorded as if it was a church sermon. I love that James Brown admits he would be nothing without a woman. Did you know that he developed it from some lyrics written by a woman, Betty Newsome. Her words were taken from the Bible and her observations of some of her ex-boyfriends, including the Godfather of Soul himself.

So Tuesday March 8 was International Women’s Day and I strongly believe we should not just celebrate it but use it each year as a moment of reflection to see how far we are or still need to go.Schermafbeelding 2016-03-09 om 16.51.34
Last week I had to give a short talk about personal branding at the RAI in Amsterdam. It was a talk for 60 exhibitors of an upcoming trade show and I got a question from a man who said that he had too many different products to sell that he couldn’t figure out what made his company unique. I told him the answer was very simple : YOU! He was the engine behind his company and through personal branding, I was convinced he would find a way to turn his customers into his fans! YOU need to look inside yourself to figure out what gets you going so you can show the world and get people to engage with you. It is all about making yourself relevant and unique. That is if you really want to become a brand that people will notice.

When I say this to women, they sometimes cringe at the thought of people noticing them. They get scared. And this fear translates into them not feeling worthy. As if they have no value. And that is not true. We all have something to give. Something we can share with this world. And if you think you have no value everyone else will think the same. Why? Because what you send out is what people will perceive. So think about what you show. Think about how you want to be perceived. That is first step of personal branding and for that you have to look at yourself. Learn more about yourself. This evaluation will help your realize what is important to you and why those things matter. Then you can decide what you want people to see and to focus on when you present yourself.

At the Personal Branding BrandedU event on the 21st of march we have Janice Deul talking about this subject of PERCEPTION. In this video she shares how her own perception has changed and how changing her perception changed her career and gave her a new mission in life.
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And now something to celebrate international women’s day with: Did you know that a woman invented the Monopoly game? See more inventions by women over here :

Speak to you next week!