Just a simple thank you should be enough.

Just a simple thank you is already enough right?
Naaaahhhh girl, you deserve much more than that!

I recently read an article that stated:
“For major accomplishments, employees had higher expectations for recognition”

  •  New growth opportunity (like a promotion): 47%
  • Salary increase: 23%
  • High-performance rating: 21%
  • Bonus: 10%

Interestingly, a new growth opportunity was by far the most popular and preferred form of recognition for a major accomplishment .”

Yep, there it is. Growth is super important! And to keep growing you need to YES when opportunities come along.

Amanda Gorman said YES. She stood there in front of the world, 22 years old and when they asked her to speak she said yes.
But why are women always saying “not yet”?
By not saying yes, you’re really saying:
“I’m unqualified,
I’m unsure of myself,
I’m not confident in my abilities,
and I’m not the person for this job now (or probably ever).”

So say “YES!”

Especially if you want to get ahead in your career. We need more women in the workplace to say this word.
“Yes, I will apply for the job for which I am 95% qualified.”
“Yes, I believe I can do the job.”
“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

And there you have it. Now are you ready to say YES more often? Girl, I got you! Take the FREE personal branding test to discover if you are heard and seen in the workplace!

Just say YES girl!