Lead to Empower

Spring Edition: 17th – 20th May 2024
Autumn Edition: 20th – 23rd September 2024

It’s time to bring the impact of your leadership to the spotlight and empower more women!


Lead to Empower is a custom-made 3-day program including individual coaching by 5 different expert coaches in Spain. This program gives you a deeper understanding of your purpose and motivation as a leader, the skills to communicate your story clearly and authentically, a PR-boost to grow your visibility and impact, an expansion of your leadership network for support, advice and inspiration and 3 days of self-reflection. It’s the perfect program for women who want a deeper understanding of their identity and how to maximize their impact and lead the next generation.

Changing the game for future female leaders

Female role models are the drivers of success when it comes to the talent pipeline. More women leaders can make a big difference by using their personal brands to empower the next generation. This program is a concrete path for established female leaders to become inspiring role models in business. You can be a successful leader and pay it forward to the next generation.

Why do we need more female role models?

Attracting and retaining talented women in business remains a huge challenge for most organisations. Fewer women professionals means role models are even scarcer, which greatly diminishes our chances of attracting women interested in leadership positions. Showing women in leadership positions raises aspirations for women. Ambitious career women need to hear the personal stories of accomplished female leaders in order to envision themselves taking steps forward. This program was designed to expose and empower women with diverse, powerful and positive role models as consistently as possible.

The role model path

Role models play an important role in shaping our goals and ambitions. Female role models can change the world and help redraw the balance by telling their stories. We want more women to build their profile so they can become role models and also encourage the corporate industry to help more women in leadership positions. Because like Marian Bright Edelman once said “you can’t be what you can’t see”. Without other women to look up to, many young women are self-selecting themselves out of a leadership career path before they even really give it a chance. Role models need to be similar enough, in background and experience, to help someone imagine the path through which they can become a leader as well. Yes, heroines like Oprah and Michelle are great, but our role models need to be closer to who we are. 

Why more women in Leadership?

Research shows that gender-balanced teams are more effective in releasing innovative potential. Women are good strategists, strong at collaboration and partnership, which is needed in any kind of business. Acting like a girl is good for business and together we can change the face of leadership in The Netherlands by making more female leaders visible.

Pillar 1

Self-Knowledge and Being Authentic

Align your leadership actions with your core values & strengths and explore your personal leadership style

Pillar 2

Increasing Impact

Defining your story, learn how to inspire other women.

Pillar 3

Leading Others

Raise your visibility by having the right communication tools, visual identity and strategy.

Benefits to you

  • Deeper understanding of your purpose and motivation as a leader

  • Skills to communicate your story clearly and authentically

  • PR-boost to grow your visibility and impact

  • Expansion of your leadership network for support, advice and inspiration

  • 3 days of self -reflection

Benefits to your organisation

  • Highlighting and having a visible role model within the organisation attracts more female talents

  • Increased engagement and commitment of female staff

  • Showing female leaders with female leadership qualities will encourage more women to step forward and step up with confidence

“My personal story and ambition are sketched out in detail”

In 2022 I have followed the lead to empower training by BrandedU. Due to the training being on location, with a small group of women the time investment was very efficient. I have done other trainings to expand my leadership qualities or I have had coaching but the Lead to empower training was very different. In four days I have now very clear in mind what I want to achieve, and also what not. 

After the training I feel energized and things that costs me a lot of energy are easier to handle. I was offered another job and before I would be thinking about this for a long time but I knew, due to the training, that that is not what I want.

I highly recommend the lead to empower training to anybody who wants to take a next step in her career, wants to feel more comfortable about what you want to achieve and having a clear career path in mind.

Deborah Alfarez – Directeur, Stichting Vrienden van het Herseninstituut

Program Format

We offer:

  • Custom-made 3 day program including individual coaching by 5 different expert coaches in Spain

  • A professional PR photo including hair, make up and clothing styling.

  • A biography

  • Interview by BrandedU on female leadership to be spread across all BrandedU’s channels

Professional PR photos from previous shoots

We need 3 days to future proof your leadership impact in Andalusia, Spain

Your program will involve one on one coaching tailored to suit you and your leadership goals.

Day 1

Identify and define the essence of your leadership brand

Day 2

Define your story, enhance your leadership presence to inspire and motivate

Day 3

Pay it forward by authentically communicating it with the world

“More impactful and insightful than any other program I have ever participated in”

As a woman in a senior management position I was positively triggered by Nancy during one of the Board of Believers Breakfasts she organises. Her call to action? Step up and share your story! It is worth telling and many young women are still looking for role models that can inspire them to progress their career paths. Next to the positive encouragement, I also felt quite uncomfortable. What is my story exactly and is it really worth sharing? What path am I on myself and many more questions like those.

That is where Lead to Empower comes in. A comprehensive, tailor-made program at a wonderful location with an intimate group of inspiring women and coaches. It was more impactful and insightful than any other program I have ever participated in. The magic? A well-thought-through set-up of individual sessions exploring your purpose, your strengths, your mind-set, your story and the alignment in / with your body. And a wonderful group of women who you can share your experiences and insights with. I returned from the program inspired, connected, encouraged and with a clear plan how I can Lead to Empower.

I can really recommend participating in the Lead to Empower program. I think the program is fit to address various explorations in yourself. For example, if you feel you want to pay it forward and you don’t have a clear plan yet how to do it. Or if you are searching to (re)connect with your deeper purpose and are looking for insights to shape your next career step to name just two. Quality time for yourself to be able to give more to others would be my executive summary. Just go!

Karlijn van den Berg – Head of Talent, ABN AMRO


The program focuses on established women leaders who want deeper understanding of their identity and how to maximize their impact and lead the next generation. And yes there is a level of idealism involved but to change the world we need action ourselves, we can’t wait for superman to come and save us. We need more Wonder Women to lead the field!


Spring Edition
Lead to Empower: 17th – 20th May 2024
Photo shoot: June 28, 2024

Autumn Edition
Lead to Empower: 20th – 23rd September 2024
Photo shoot: October 18, 2024

Flight schedule

17 May 2024, 05:50 – 08:00
Amsterdam (Schiphol) – Faro

20 May 2024, 19:55 – 23:55
Faro – Amsterdam (Schiphol)


We will fly to Faro Airport in Portugal. From the airport we will travel by bus to the hotel in Islantilla (1 hour drive) Spain. We will stay at the four-star SENTIDO Ama Islantilla hotel. The hotel has two swimming pools, two restaurants and a spa & wellness center. The rooms are spacious and modern and have a luxurious appearance. Everyone shares an apartment with another participant. Every participant therefore has their own bedroom. There is an option to book a completely private room at an additional cost but we do not recommend this because of the objectives of the program.


The program fee covers all training expenses including travel, food and accommodation costs.


€ 5.999 ex vat per participant

“A safe environment for accelerated learning and reflection”

The coaches of Lead to Empower program were able to help me enhance calling out the core of my potential, building on my natural strengths. They complemented each other very well in addressing my mind, heart and gut. Through iterative one-on-one coaching sessions the training journey provided relevant deep dives, matching my personal needs. This focus and intensity, combined with the small group, created a safe environment for accelerated learning and reflection.

I have now sharpened my internal compass about my professional career and the conditions that make me thrive. Knowing better what I stand for, allows me to inspire others to become their best version of self, too.

Ingeborg Mijling – Directeur, Philips

About the experts

You’ll learn the best from other women. In the BrandedU’s Lead to Empower Program, several successful women share their career lessons and experiences. These women are going to inspire you:

Nancy Poleon

Female role models can change the world and help redraw the balance by telling their stories. More women need to fearlessly tell their stories as often as possible and inspire others with their story. We want to know how you reached the top and all of your lessons learned. We want to hear about how you deal with issues and we want to see you shine when you talk about that thing that you do best.

Have you noticed that some people know very clearly who they are and what they are doing? It is almost as if they had planned it that way. These are the people that know their personal brand story. I call it personal brand story because it is personal and only belongs to them. The are aware of the turning points, key events in their lives and what read thread runs through it. They know that by telling their story they can not only distinguish themselves from everyone else but that their audience will remember them as well. Each of you has a story. You only decide for yourself what you want to share with the world. Having a personal brand story is important because you can show:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why you do what you do
  4. And how you can help others with that.

When artists tell their story in interviews on radio or TV, we like it. Why? Because we want to get to know them and the more we know them, the better we will like them!

So we will be working on 3 things:

  1. Defining your personal brand story.
  2. Telling and presenting your personal brand story
  3. And making it visible by having a bio and photo that support that story.

Edvina Babic

It is in human nature to look for negative in everything first, and it is also in human nature to fix things. We love finding problems so that we could solve them, it feels natural, it feels right. But when it comes to being a strong leader, when it comes to utilizing human potential to its fullest and being an inspiring role model, fixing weaknesses isn’t the way to go. Weakness fixing prevents failure, while building strengths leads to success.

Gallup conducted over 20,000 in-depth interviews, studied over one million work teams, considered over 50 years of data on the world’s most admired leaders, and studied over 10,000 followers for insights into leaders. Here’s what that data revealed:

  1. First, the most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.
  2. The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people and then maximize their team.
  3. The most effective leaders understand 4 most important followers’ needs.

Through a personal strength assessment, we will focus on getting an even deeper understanding of your unique talents as a leader and discover more about your distinctive leadership style. We will also digest the 4 needs of your followers and the difference between managing and fixing of your personal weaknesses. With this knowledge in mind, understanding your personal strengths profile will enable you to raise your visibility as a role model in a way that suits you the best and sets you up to perform with excellence.

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” So let us leverage your uniqueness, expertise and accomplishment to empower the next generation of female leaders.

Heena Jethwa

Leaders who align their actions with a clear sense of purpose, rooted in values and a vision for the greater good, stand to create lasting impact and foster positive organizational cultures. At its core, your leadership purpose springs from your identity – the essence of who you are. Purpose is not just a list of the education, experience, and skills you’ve gathered in life.  Purpose-led leaders are driven by a vision that aligns with their personal values and the values of their organization. By aligning your actions with a clear sense of purpose, leaders can inspire, guide, and create resilient and engaged teams, ultimately driving long-term success for both individuals and organizations.

In our session we will

  1. Define your North star – Embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness to clearly define your passion and purpose. Understand what drives you, what holds you back, identify your core beliefs and passion, and learn how to leverage this clarity to align your goals and actions with your higher purpose.
  2. Align Actions with Purpose – Learn how to align your leadership actions with the defined purpose to foster trust and credibility, allowing you to inspire and empower your team and others.
  3. Navigate Challenges with Purpose – Equip yourself with tools to navigate challenges while staying true to your purpose, maintaining a resilient mindset in times of uncertainty.

Jayani Masthoff

We will work towards recognizing and understanding the key components of a role model mindset in order to cultivate and expand the quality of your personal mindset. As a role model, you will increasingly be in the spotlight encountering new situations, dialogues and challenges. Main goal here is to provide the knowledge and practical steps for you to anticipate both the positive and challenging aspects that go hand in hand with raising visibility.
Unchanged: The questions we will focus on answering are:

  • What are the exact challenges that your mind will encounter when increasing your visibility?
  • How to empower the 5 key components of your role model mindset?
  • How can you set yourself (and your brain) up for success as you raise your visibility?

Amanda MacRae

From Sydney to Los Angeles, now making an impact in Amsterdam, Amanda offers a unique body-based somatic approach drawing on various methodologies from around the world. Prior to her work as a somatic practitioner, Amanda held a senior executive position in the advertising production industry, collaborating with renowned global brands. She continues to be involved in this realm, providing embodiment practices to the current leaders of these brands.

Lead To Empower


While many of us ‘understand’ what it takes to be a good leader, true leadership calls for individuals who can authentically embody their talents and nature when faced with the challenges and demands of holding or sustaining a leadership role.

Our bodily experiences encompass our thoughts, emotions, actions, and the expression of our talents and creativity, defining how we communicate and connect with our surroundings and others. An embodied experience entails bringing our total-selves to any given moment—any resistance will impact our ability to create change, our personal satisfaction, and our overall health and vitality.

During our session, I will guide you in embodying and integrating what you’ve learned from the previous sessions, coaching you to bring about the desired change through body-based lessons. Together, we will work to transform old, unwanted, emotional, and behavioral patterns that have manifested in the mind and body in a limiting way.

One of the core question we will explore is:

In a leadership culture that predominantly emphasizes mental prowess and achievements on paper, how do you envision your accomplishments and leadership style evolving through a fuller integration of your authentic self?


The program fee covers all training expenses including travel, food and accommodation costs.


€ 5.999 ex vat per participant



No, we no longer accept credit card payments due to extra costs from our end.

Your payment needs to be in our bank account one week before departure.

Preparation meeting

No preparations are necessary.

We’ll create a zoom link and we’ll send you the invitation.

Lead to Empower

No, you can use the old results.

That is possible, please email info@brandedu.nl.

Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel.

You will receive this upon arrival at the hotel.

Yes this is possible and we receive a special 15% discount. You can email us your wishes at info@brandedu.nl.

Photo shoot

The photoshoot will take place in a studio in Amsterdam (detailed will be mailed). You will be needed for 2.5 hours.

No unfortunately not. We plan this with the entire group.