Love’s in need of love today

A golden oldie from Stevie Wonder. I listen to music to quiet my mind and not to let my own limiting beliefs (lesson number 2 in personal branding) drive me crazy.

The lyrics to this song inspire me, because they help me to stay empathetic and civil when having difficult work conversations. Not just towards the person I am having the discussion with, but also for myself.

Figure out how you want to feel.
You see, for years I have noticed that it is true what Oprah says: “What you put out, comes back”. Now my automatic response with difficult situation is always to battle (I tend to have a short fuse) and voice my opinion. I am still learning sometimes it is better to look at the situation like I am having an ‘out-of-body experience’. That calms me down.

It’s all in your head.
When I try that ‘out-of-body experience’ exercise, it actually changes my state of mind. And it reminds me of this quote I heard 6 months ago from Mo Gawdat: “The Gravity of Battle Means Nothing to Those at Peace”. Mo is Chief Business Officer for Google, serial entrepreneur and author of the book ‘Solve for Happy’. He wrote the book to cope with the sudden death of his son. Like he says: “Every emotion we’ve ever felt is triggered by a thought, not an event.”

Happiness is an inside job.
It all comes down to self-love. I have to quote Oprah again, because she says: “There is one irrefutable law of the universe: We are each responsible for our own life. If you’re holding anyone else accountable for your happiness, you’re wasting your time. You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love you didn’t receive.”

Now these are lessons I am doing my best to apply to get rid of my own limiting beliefs. Believe me, they are not easy to apply, but definitely worth it!

FYI, Mo Gawdat is speaking tonight at De Bewustzijnschool. I am at my free personal branding event or else I would have gone. If you go, tell me all about it so we can share more of his lessons learned.

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