Lucky Star

“You must be my Lucky Star
‘Cause you make the darkness seem so far
And when I’m lost you’ll be my guide
I just turn around and you’re by my side”.

Hey you,

Don’t you just love eighties songs? That was my decade man oh man how I loved discovering new songs back then. And Madonna was just wow, so controversial! Watching her boss people around in the documentary In Bed With Madonna excited me, hahaha I became quite bossy myself. Am not anymore, I promise.

I think when young women use the #likeaboss on Instagram, they should know that Madonna was the original Boss lady and give credit where it is due. So girl boss, I announced my Renew Yourself Week last week and received some amazing reactions. So much love for the week and also great tips and advice. I also listened to your feedback and questions. And one of them I immediately worked on which resulted in me having to move the trip from the monday to the saturday. So now it will be from 8-15th of April. But listen to why: This means we get to make it cheaper. YES, just like that you LUCKY STAR! We can offer it for €1750 instead of €1999. How cool is that? And wait there is more (now I am sounding like Buffi Duberman), we also decided to throw in an early bird discount for €250. So if you book before 1st of February you only pay €1500. The season of giving has been extended from december especially for you.

I have been so blessed this week. We had our first article published here on Harper’s Bazaar about the week. And the reactions to the High Tea have been amazing. Daphne Feller gave a fab presentation about our mindset and how we can achieve our New Years resolution through resetting our brains. Can’t tell you exactly all she talked about, you’ll just have to join our Renew Yourself Week (cheeky right ;-)) because Daphne will be talking about the mind set on day 1 of Renew Yourself Week. Find out here what else is on the program.

2017 is a year of getting out of my comfort zone for me, exactly like 2011 was. When you’ve learned all there is to learn and have sat still to take it all in, there comes a time to get up and start moving again. It’s easy to get stuck in a work routine and taking on a new challenge is a great way of getting out of that routine. So that is what we are doing. Taking on new challenges, hence #challengeUrself2017. But don’t think I find it easy to do or that it is an easy thing to do. Why do you think I call it a challenge?! But it’s like Richard Branson said “Hope has two daughters; Anger & Courage. Anger at the way things are & Courage to see they don’t remain as they are.” So where do you see yourself January 2018? Ask yourself that question. Somewhere else? If so then #challengeUrself2017!