This is a golden oldie from The Shirelles, John Lennon’s favorite group. They were one of the earliest girl groups from the late Fifties and early Sixties. Perhaps you know their hit “Will you still love me tomorrow?” a song Carole King co-wrote.

I heard this song and thought about the lessons learned from my grandmother. Today would have been my grandmothers 95th birthday. She passed away last year just a few months before her 94th birthday. I still think of her almost everyday. I have this photograph of her that I took of her on which she looks so much at ease and happy. 

I just always think of what she used to say to me.

“Always keep on walking”
Walking was her favorite passing time. She knew every market place in Amsterdam because every day she would visit one. And the fun part is: Amsterdam has markets from east to west to centre and south east. She would go even just to buy a few tomatoes. But really I know that she went because she could always make a good deal and of course because walking kept her brain healthy. She only got her drivers license when she was 50, so she told me she had walked all of her life and knew the benefits of it.

“Travel the world”
Well this one is my favorite! My grandmother used to travel so much. And she absolutely loved it. She never stopped! Her last trip was a year before she passed and this woman had seen so many countries, I am afraid I won’t catch up. She used to joke that I had to take her with me when I went on a business trip. And even managed to guilt trip me in to taking her to see Rome “First you have to see Rome and then you can die peacefully” she joked. I used to joke back “get one of your other grand children to take you”. But of course I took her, we finally went in 2013 when she was 89.
“Eat 2 pieces of fruit every day” 
I am so bad at sticking to this one. She used to say this was the key to a healthy body.
“You don’t need kids to be a happy woman”
She had 12 children, 10 survived and from those 10 one had gone to soon (my uncle Michael was only 29 when he passed). But she always said if she was a modern woman living in modern times all she would do was see the world and enjoy her independence. Never once did grandma ask me when I would get married or when I would give her grandchildren. All she wanted was for me was to be happy.
“Spend times with the ones you love”
She loved it when I used to call her and say “Are you dressed? We are going out for breakfast.”
I loved surprising her and just the two of us going out for a ladies breakfast or lunch. We used to talk about her life and what she experienced. During these talks I discovered how fiercely independent she was, even when grandpa was still alive. She used to go on holiday without him, have her own money and her own group of friends. I loved that about her.

So many lessons, but when it comes to personal branding there is only one lesson I can share with you and that is: keep it simple. My grandmother made a huge impact on so many people’s lives and she did this by keeping things simple. Good food, exercise, build a community and spend time with your loved ones.

Let’s keep it simple. By that I mean: we tend to overcomplicate our lives and our messages to the world. That creates a lot of noise and then that makes it harder for people to see the person we really want them to see. By showing a few simple things about ourselves we will be able to connect with likeminded people faster and build stronger brands because they don’t have to think about many things when they think about us. Just those few simple things.

So, what are 3 things you want people to know about you? Think about that.



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