Men as advocates for women’s visibility

Men as advocates for women’s visibility

The only “Manel” you should join this year!


It refers to all-male panels and is used to highlight the exclusion of women as subject-matter experts.

But we’re flipping the script on the 27th of June. We’re only inviting male allies and advocates to tell the stories on stage of how they help women and what other men can do.

The stories and advice you need to hear!

We need more men to be part of the conversation and one of the first steps we all need to take is having an open and honest dialogue. Because as you know men comprise the majority of leadership positions so the power lays with them to change things and we need their support to help us truly make a difference in closing the gender gap and achieving true equality in the workplace. If we want things to change and want more women to rise to the top, we need male advocates. If men don’t participate in gender inclusion we are stating that gender diversity is a woman’s issue. Furthermore men also act as role models and spokespersons for other men, so they can influence their behavior. Research carried out by BCG in the UK showed that when men don’t participate, progress is 30%. When men do participate, progress is THREE times higher, namely 96%.

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50/50 representation, this is what we should strive for. And we can only get there together. This is why we’re inviting male allies to the conversations that women have been having for decades.

We need to hear from male allies and advocates about how they help women and what other men can do. We will have presentations, panel discussions and storytelling by men who are currently advocates for women in the workplace. For added value we will also create Whitepaper with all the conclusions of the event, so that we can share this with companies who are serious about DEI. It’s about learning and growing together so we can build a future where workplaces are more diverse and equal.

These are some of the topics we’re discussing:

  • The value of men’s roles as change agents in achieving gender equality on the workplace
  • What it means to be a “male ally” and an advocate for women’s visibility
  • The subtler forms of inequality, discrimination and unconscious bias prevalent in businesses
  • Addressing issues of women’s safety in the workplace.
  • Practical ways to take daily actions towards more equal workplaces.
  • It’s not about men against women, it’s about the benefits for all.

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We practice what we preach: we want 50/50 representation in our audience too. That’s why you can only join this event in pairs. Invite an inspiring male advocate to come to the event with you or if you are a man bring the woman who you want to help move forward. You only invest € 375 per pair. That’s the cost for two tickets. By pair, we mean man and woman or identifying as such.


If you are ready to take your next career step or want to invest in your career, then you don’t want to miss this event. This is YOUR opportunity to go to that man you’ve always always wanted as an ally (or who already is) and invite to join the conversation.

So don’t be shy and send that email out now!

  • Men as advocates for women’s visibility!

  • June 12th, 2023

  • 15.00-18.00

  • Headfirst Group HQ, Hoofddorp

Presented by

A BrandedU event in collaboration with:

Nancy Poleon
Founder BrandedU

Maarten van Rossum

Maarten Van Rossum
VP public Affairs at Lightyear

Presented by

Nancy Poleon

Nancy Poleon
Founder BrandedU

Maarten van Rossum

Maarten Van Rossum
VP public Affairs at Lightyear

A BrandedU event in collaboration with:

Speakers 2022

Baba Toure
Founder & Managing
Director at Hammerfest

Clayde Menso
Director at International Theater Amsterdam

Dirk van Zon
HR Business Partner at

Han Kolff
Chairman of the Board at HeadFirst Group

John Olivieira
Publisher at OneWorld

Melchior de Ridder
CEO at Nationale Nederlanden Next

Michael Kimmijser
Small, Medium & Corporate Business Lead at Microsoft

Noël Heinink
Marketing Director Benelux
at L’Oréal

Philippe Stulens
Chief Marketing Officer at Randstad

Rafe Rosato
Chief Innovation Officer at DLL

Past edition’s speakers

Mark Dixon
Chief Executive Officer at IWG plc

Fatima Koning
Group Chief Sales Officer at IWG plc

Ine Stultjens
Head of Marketing & Communication at Royal Auping

Morten Lund Petersen
Director Innovation & Sustainability at Royal Auping

Ineke Tolud
Head of design & development at Rituals Cosmetics

Richard Lems
Director Format & Design at Rituals Cosmetics

Caroline Pickard
Consultant at Catalyst

Maarten Van Rossum
VP public Affairs at Lightyear

Tim Masselink
Managing Director at &FLUENCE │Associé at Berenschot

“Let’s get more women to the top in their workplace, and keep them there!”

– Nancy Poleon
founder BrandedU