Madonna once sang:

“Music makes the people come together
Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel”

And this is the truth. I saw this video recently of this Saudi woman rapping her way about finally being able to drive her own car. And it just made me think about how we are all affected by music, and that it crosses all cultural boundaries. But I what I love about the video is that she is using Hip Hop to express herself.

Like Sister Sledge once sang: “We’re lost in music….Feel so alive”.

Every week I get to write you about my favorite subject, personal branding, and music is the tool I use to make things clear to you. And I have to admit music still brings me joy every single day.
If everyone would just discover the healing powers of music then perhaps we wouldn’t be so depressed and burned out. Research says it can heal emotional suffering. And girl, I really believe that. I mean just the physical effects of getting your blood flowing when you dance or not being in your head but just feeling your body.

I even read somewhere that premature babies who they played Mozart to had lowered their heart rate and helped induce sleep in New York.
And a new study even claims that attending a music concert once every two weeks can add nine years to your life. Read more about it here.

Can we deny the effects of music? NOOOO!
So when I feel blue I listen to my 2 aunties: Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone. And when I listen to Sade it always makes me think of my time studying and living in London. I just heard she will be releasing a new album soon. Can’t wait to hear that. Her music is so timeless. It feels like she is the big sister I never had and who I go to for man troubles hahaha.

So who is your favorite music auntie or sister? Who do you listen to when you are feeling blue?

Tell me girl!!



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