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My name is Slim Shady

Remember Eminem?

Back in the day, he was the hottest artist on the planet. I met him when I was working Outkast in 2002. At the time he was touring Europe with Outkast amongst others. This song came out in 1999 and immediately we all knew who Eminem was. The humor and violence in his songs, the melody and production by Dr. Dre. It was his international breakthrough moment.

With this song, he immediately grabbed our attention. Because he showed us who he was. He was brutally honest in his work. I can think of 3 things that I teach in presentation skills that Eminem did when he released the song.

1. He showed us his personality
2. He gave an amazing performance
3. He told us a story

Let’s be real, the guy was as crazy in real life as he was in his very much entertaining videos and interviews. And he knew his craft. I saw him live 3 times and left amazed at his rap skills. So there was no let down in the actual performance. But what I really loved about him was that he always told us a story in his song. Like this article that talks about how Eminem has been telling his life story one rhyme at a time.

This Sunday the ever so lovely Buffi Duberman and I will be giving a mini masterclass in presentation skills at the sold out high tea by Harper’s Bazaar network academy in collaboration with BrandedU. And the week after that I will be starting the preparations for the first BrandedU personal branding seminar of the year! Can’t wait to get started with the lovely speakers and help them prepare their inspirational stories. Please see our schedule of the day below:

09.30 Walk in/Registration
10.00 Opening Nancy Poleon
10.20 Talk – It’s all about perception –  Tineke Meijerman (Facebook)
10.45 Workshop – It’s all about perception – Nancy Poleon
11.30 Break
11.50 Talk – Get rid of your limiting beliefs – Esther Buitendijk (Urbanmoms.nl)
12.15 Workshop – Get rid of your limiting beliefs – TBC
13.00 Music performance
13.10 Lunch
14.10 Talk – Networking is a powerful tool – Karlijn Visser & Evelyne van Hasselt (Holistik)
14.35 Workshop – Networking is a powerful tool – Nancy Poleon
15.20 Break
15.50 Talk – Focus on your core values  – Stephanie Afrifa (Talkshow host & Cultural producer)
16.15 Workshop – Focus on your core values  – TBC
17.00 Conclusion
17.15 Networking drinks

Hope to see you then.

And if you need to a more in-depth method of building your personal brand, there are still places available at the E-course face to face edition that starts on the 23rd of may.

I leave you with the after movie of our Renew Yourself Week. In case you are wondering the next edition will be the end of September!