New York, New York!


“Start spreading the news! I am leaving today”

Actually my dear, I already left yesterday! Am in the city that never sleeps. And it is buzzing. Just like I was after another fantastic BrandedU seminar this Monday. We had the most beautiful crowd and the women all were so engaged with the seminar. Just a lot of things to be grateful for. Even though I am always very nervous beforehand, I always stand in receiving mode (of a well organized event) because that helps me to attract how I want to feel by the end of the seminar. Being in a receiving mode means you are already receiving what you want to get out of the experience. Because it is going to that great feeling that attracts the things you need in your life.

Organize your fears

I try to stay away from the feelings of fear and failure. Like with most people those thoughts go through my head ……but they are just limiting beliefs. And because I am aware of them it is easier to move away from them. They are not real. I mean how can they be, if the event hasn’t even happened yet?! The thought of how you can organize and arrange your own fears has always fascinated me. It doesn’t mean I don’t get them. I just tend to not let them linger anymore.

What has helped me get over my fear faster over the last few months is doing breathing exercises. If you don’t believe me check out this TED talk that might convince you:

Your breath is the only thing you can always count on.

And…. let’s move forward to what is next! I am full on in preparation mode for the next Renew Yourself Week on the 30th of September. 1 more week before we close the early bird registratie where you get a €500 discount.

Here is the rest of the calendar this year:

  • 27 July – Bazaar Network Academy in collaboration with BrandedU network event, this is for members only
  • 27 August – High tea
  • 30 September – Renew Yourself Week
  • 12 October – Ecourse face to face edition
  • 20 November – Part 2 BrandedU Seminar

Hope to see you at one of our events!