Newsletter: A change is gonna come

Yep I just quoted the great Sam Cooke and took you all the way back to 1963, 10 years before I was born. Sam Cooke spoke about change. I do love change. Change is good! Don’t be afraid of it, but welcome it. So this is my first week without my right hand woman Anouk. It is different, it is out of my comfort zone but that just means I am growing, learning and changing.
That is what I preach and what I believe in. Always keep growing. So if you are ready for something to change and need to give your career a big push, I really want to help. And here are my ways to help you achieve that change. Only one day left of the special discount.

Personal Branding seminar November 23rd

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Personal branding online course

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This course is in Dutch only!

Masterclass: Presenting Comfortably November 9th 

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Hope to see you on the other side of change,

XO XO Nancy