Newsletter: Focus on me

“Let’s find a light inside our universe now
Where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down
Just come and get it, let them say what they say
Cause I’m about to put them all away

Focus on me, f-f-focus on me.”

I am dancing to this jam by Ariana Grande.

A big part of personal branding is: Dare to be noticed!

We held our Presenting Comfortably masterclass on Monday and the ladies rocked it! Sure they were nervous when we focused on them but I could see a change in them at the end of the morning. A new found confidence. Ready to share their story and ready for their story to be heard!

Music artist understand that for them to reach an audience being different is key. Being themselves is the only way to be different. There is only one of you after all (yep even if you are part of twins ;-)). So this concept of getting noticed is frighting but it is the only way to get your message out there.

Lemme explain! A year and a half ago I wasn’t even presenting BrandedU myself. I had asked my good friend and back then editor in chief of RED magazine Lenny Gerdes to do the presenting. Mainly because I was very scared. And I was used to being backstage organising events instead of on stage. So I introduced Lenny and let her present BrandedU. After 3 editions I finally felt more confident and finally last november, almost a year to date, I presented the whole event myself. I learned 2 things;

1. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone even if it scares you.
2. Practice makes perfect. It takes practice. Every time I go on stage I rehearse my shizzle (as Buffi calls it).

I know exactly what I want to say. My message is clear to me. That is the only reason I can stand on stage comfortably. Knowing my shizzle and rehearsing my shizzle. It’s hard work. But it gets easier. Because you know: THE MORE YOU DO, THE MORE YOU DO. An old professor told me this once, that is the way it works. The easier things get, the more you can do.

Dare to shine and don’t let somebody hold you down. That is also what Martine Meijburg is saying in her BrandedU video.