Newsletter: Food for thought

It is no big secret. I love reggae music. All my dad’s fault, he used to explain the music lyrics to my 7 or 8 year old mind. And this genre music stuck with me. This song I still play regularly:​

My food for thought this week, I have 5 of them so please be patient :-). Oh and I learned all of these at the BrandedU seminar this week:

1.  Always follow your gut (your instinct).
Somebody once told me the way I book the event doesn’t make sense. And it doesn’t. I book the speakers intuitively. That means somehow they make sense to me. All of the speakers ROCKED their presentations again. Not only that! The audience was driven and fully participated, meanwhile I just stood there like a proud mama ;-). If you want to get a feeling of what it was like, check out the Facebook photo’s here.

seminar 1

2.  Sharing stories matters:
All the speakers who shared their stories were: bold, honest, vulnerable, experienced and connected with the audience. But more importantly they inspired their listeners to action. Girl, I cannot tell you how many messages I have received of women telling me that one speaker or another inspired them to do something. I just love that. BrandedU is not there to let you sit back, you have to do something about your situation yourself. There is no Superman and nobody is coming to save you! Just telling like it is.

3.  Fear is what we all have in common:
When we were about to start the seminar, the audience was nervous and so were the speakers and to be honest so was I. But we managed to create an environment that felt save to all of us. And now thanks to Buffi’s breathing technique we all know how to relax better before a presentation.

seminar 2

4.  Giving back is a wonderful thing:
All the time and effort invested by the speakers and also the participants was amazing. And the winner of the Personal Brand Statement Presentation was inspired by the seminar to start giving back herself. This is one of the best things to come out of BrandedU. The realization that you have value that, you too can help other women improve their careers and make themselves more visible!

5. You need your girls (network):
Do I really need to explain this one? Without my girls this program never would have happened so a special thank you again to all of you who have helped and are still helping the BrandedU sisterhood. You can still join our Facebook group here!