Newsletter: Get Down Tonight

Remember KC and the Sunshine band? Well I can only say that if you feel like dancing disco is the way to go!

And way to go Diana Matroos! She stepped up and gave an interview about why we need more diversity in media here at Volkskrant. It is not easy telling your personal story but if it serves a purpose or greater good it makes it worth your while.

So this week is my Birthday week. Monday I turned 42 and I really felt the love. I felt so spoiled especially by my mum who, as a Surinamese mom, made sure there was plenty of food for my family. Believe me we are still eating… hahaha :-)! You know what I am talking about if you come from a family where food is a way to for everyone to come together.
Facebook sort of changed the birthday game, I remember a few years back nobody sent Bday cards anymore. But thanks to Facebook you can feel the love from all over the world.

Somebody who has travelled all over the world is Yvonne Nassar, Head of Marketing & Innovation at RAI Amsterdam. She knows a lot about the difference between people and cultures. And she spoke about this at our seminar in September but in case you missed it, here is her video:

Her message is believe in yourself and I want to add to that: Celebrate your uniqueness.

I came across another video (TEDx talk)  that I wanted to share with you by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

She talks about The Danger of a Single Story: ‘I did not know that people like me could exist in literature’. And I love how she explains the benefits of Diversity. There is some inspiration for you.

Believe in yourself and celebrate your uniqueness.


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