Newsletter: HELLO

Talk about a strong personal brand!

It only took one word and ADELE was back.

Breaking records like never before. 92 million views on Youtube.

She went away for more than 4 years but made an even bigger impact with her so to speak Comeback. Read more about the lessons you can learn from this powerful brand here.

“HELLO I am Nancy Poleon and I am here to talk you about Personal Branding.” 

I have giving a lot of presentations/workshops/masterclasses lately. Can you believe that I only started doing this a year ago? And I have been getting questions from you about how I do this. How do I stand on stage so comfortably? It is a topic I have decided to focus on with the Presenting Comfortably masterclass. Lemme tell you why we are focusing on this topic.

Women have told me they find it difficult to get their message across clearly and efficiently:
So your message is clear. In your head. But at that crucial moment –pitching during an important meeting with new clients, presenting your ambitions to your manager or introducing your project to a critical audience- the words just don’t seem to come out right. We want to help you discover the most important part of your story and eliminate the static.

1. Are you in search of ways to improve your presentation skills, but don’t know how you will ever get better at it?
Practice makes perfect. The only way to get better at presenting anything, is to eat, sleep, practice, repeat. So we will give you the stage. And you will present your story. And then present it again. And then once more. You will get personal feedback not only from us, but from all the other participants. That’s a 360 degree learning model for you.

2. You have a problem with preparing for public speaking and don’t know how to structure your presentations?
You know that preparation is key. But nobody taught you how to prepare. What is the best way to start a presentation? How do you build a structure that is interesting and exciting? How do you make sure you stop talking before your audience stops listening? We will teach you to structure and prepare for your next presentation. And the one after that.

3. Do you always get nervous the moment you step onto a stage –or into any other space- and do not know how to relax?
Breathe. You have heard this many times. Yet you don’t know how to effectively work this method to help you. We will show you a simple technique that will change everything. Easy. On every occasion.

4. Are you unsure of how you come across and don’t know how to make the best first impression?
Appearances. Matter. Always. Do not let anybody tell you otherwise. This does not mean that you have to stray too far from your fashion & style beliefs. It does mean that you have to think about which side of yourself you want to show to which audience. Your best side of course!

Buffi Duberman, Astrid Rose and I have learned from artists and are here to tell you ALL their dirty little secrets. You can ROCK your presentation. Time and time and time again. Start together with us on Monday November 9.

Hope to see you there!