Newsletter: What it feels like for a girl

Girls can wear jeans, and cut their hair short
Wear shirts and boots, ‘Cause it’s okay to be a boy
But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
‘Cause you think that being a girl is degrading

Madonna achieved a lot of critical acclaim when she wrote that song. I remember thinking how much I loved the titel. We do things differently than men, not better or worse just different. Our values are different and our motives are different. And that’s ok. In fact that is great! I am hoping more women will look into their strenghts and power instead of their weaknesses.

You get more energy and feel more powerful by showing what you are good at. This is the biggest take back most women had last saturday when I gave a personal branding workshop at Secretary Plus was: ‘I have never looked at it that way’ is what I heard a lot. Because all you sometimes need is a change in perspective.


So I read this article last weekend about how companies With More Women In Leadership Get Blockbuster Results. Now that is a fact. We are needed in the workforce. You are needed in the workforce! Companies need more girl power. Not just for economics but also because we make different decisions. Like creating better working conditions.

And because some of you missed the great Dr. Yvonne Thompson when she spoke at our BrandedU seminar in September, you can see her fab video where she shares her personal story here.

This inspired me even more after watching the film The True Cost. Women make up the biggest part of factory workers. But they have no rights, don’t work under safe conditions and earn less than 100 dollars a month. This is where it gets really bad for women. If you want to know what it feels like for a girl in Bangladesh, watch this movie. It’s on Netflix! Or find out more here.

I can’t sit here and not do anything, not after seeing that film. Because all you need is a change of perspective. If we can move away from eating Fast Food we can move away from buying Fast Fashion. ….So this friday the director of this documentary film will be in Amsterdam. I am going to listen to him. Care to join me? Check out: Maybe we can figure out a way to help those girls together. You and me, let’s do it!